Have you noticed the new floodlights towering above Fethiye Spor football ground? Well the lights, a first for a non major league club, will be officially turned-on on Saturday 14th March.

If you’re a regular visitor to Fethiye you may have noticed that the football stadium near the Tuesday market now has massive new floodlights erected in the last few weeks.

The new lights and power generators are rumoured to have cost in the region of 650,000 TL and were a generous donation by an Istanbul business man with interests in Fethiye.

Apparently Fethiye Stadium is the first in Turkey, outside of major league clubs, that does have floodlights.

To mark the massive step for local football an official opening ceremony and football match will take place this Saturday 14th March.

The Chair of the Turkish Football Federation, Mahmut Özgener, will be attending the match along with local dignitaries.

The game will be between Fethiyespor and Turgutluspor is due to start at 19.00.

However, given new floodlights and presence of Football Federation Chair plus, no doubt, Fethiye’s Mayor, expect a fair few speeches before kick off.