Thousands of people gathered on Sunday afternoon to mark the opening of the smart new fisherman’s marina on Fethiye promenade.

Regular readers will be aware that we have been following with interest the extension of the new promenade in Fethiye for some time.

Yesterday saw a key phase of the project completed with the opening of the smart new fisherman’s marina and thousands of people gathered to watch the opening.

Floating Procession

The Fethiye fishing fleet left their traditional mooring points near the war memorial and made their way in a flotilla to the new marina.


It was a party atmosphere on the boats with music playing, drummers drumming, klaxons sounding and the odd flare being set off too.


The boats or all shapes and sizes entered the new marina and tied up in their new locations.


The party extended to the marina too as the crowds were entertained with loud music and fed with free fish and beef burgers expertly BBQ’d by smartly dressed chefs.


Fresh Modern Design

The new marina buildings are a fresh modern design for Fethiye of wood and steel built in a semi circle facing the sea.

The surrounding gardens complete with grass turf contain some interesting specimen plants and features including a large anchor that are well worth closer inspection.


The marina is connected not only by a newly paved road and pavement but also by a springy red walking track for the fitness folk.

Vast Improvement

This project has really changed what was just another stretch of grubby waterfront into a wonderful local amenity.

We look forward to the next phase of the promenade extension and wonder, after seeing the new marina, what surprises are in store.