In this weeks snippets bikers to the rescue, elections, fire and a sad statistic.

In this weeks snippets bikers to the rescue, elections, fire and a sad statistic.

Bikers to the Rescue?

A few weeks ago we wrote about the setting up of a branch of AKUT (the Turkish Rescue Association) in Fethiye, particularly to have expertise available locally to handle the annual accidents occurring to paragliders in Ölüdeniz.

Well one of the first groups to show an interest in getting involved with the new branch of AKUT are the Ölüdeniz Motocross Group who say they can reach victims of accidents on their trail bikes in places no other vehicle could reach.

We’ll see what happens when the paragliding season really gets underway.

Right to Vote?

Local British residents being interviewed for a TV programme were asked what they thought about the political system in Turkey and surprised the interviewer when they replied “Settled foreigners with residence permits who have been living here for a good length of time should have the right to vote in local elections.”

Well maybe they do if they are on the electoral register. We’ll investigate and find out more.

Sad Statistic

Interesting figures on suicide were released this week which show that from 1998-2006 no less than  5,673 women committed suicide in Turkey.

The province that headed the suicide figures was Muğla where almost 14% of suicides were living when they took their lives.

Ashes to Ashes

Meanwhile an apartment in Tuzla Mahalle was reduced to ashes when fire broke out. 

The owner was at work and his wife had gone out to collect their child from school, leaving the air conditioning unit on to heat the living room.

She returned to find her apartment a scorched shell.

The fire service and Zabita attended.