Tourism week announced, election controversy, property slump, teachers demonstrate for an attack on a teacher and thieves target outboard motors.

Tourism week announced, election controversy, property slump, teachers demonstrate for an attack on a teacher and thieves target outboard motors.

A New Season

The tourism season is almost officially upon us again.

It was announced last week that on Wednesday 15th April the season will ‘officially’ be opened with the traditional ‘cocktail’ party (no venue was given), and then the season will actually ‘officially’ start on 15th May. 

The ban on building begins on that date and continues to 15th October so if you are being driven mad by noise and dust of nearby construction work during the summer months, complain to the Kaymakamlik.

Election Controversy

And just when we thought everything had settled down after the local elections, a local controversy comes to light over the election of a muhtar in Yaka village, up beyond Tlos. 

Keramettin Kaya was re-elected on March 29th having served as muhtar for the past five years. 

He got 521 votes with his opponent Nuri Ưban coming in second on 411.  However, Ưban complained to the regional electoral authorities that Kaya should never have stood for muhtar, because he has a criminal conviction dating from 1992. 

Kaya, quite reasonably in our opinion, said “Then how come I was able to be muhtar for the past five years?” 

The authorities reply was because no-one made a complaint. 

Kaya’s election has now been declared null and void and Ưban is Yaka’s new muhtar.

Rock Bottom

The Chair of the Fethiye Estate Agents’ Association, Nevzat Tilkici, issued a press statement this week in which he announced that land and property sales to foreigners would hit rock bottom this year, as the industry pays for the actions of ‘pirate’ estate agents.

According to Tilkici there are countless cases in the courts involving dissatisfied foreign buyers, and yet builders continue to make promises which they can’t keep. 

Meanwhile, he claims, foreign buyers are going to Greece and Cyprus rather than coming to Turkey. 

Given those countries demand payment in Euros, coupled with the current euro-pound exchange rate and the economic crisis in much of the world, we don’t think he has his facts right.

Teacher Action

And if you wondered what the crowd of people outside the Cultural Centre was up to last Saturday, we can tell you they were teachers demonstrating about an attack on one of their colleagues which took place in ơlış earlier in the week.

Bayram Özkan, who teaches history at Fethiye Lise, was on his way home from work when he was attacked by two people in broad daylight.

He was beaten and had his nose broken.

Around 50 teachers gathered outside the Cultural Centre on Saturday with teachers’ Union banners protesting about the attack.

Thieves Target Boat Motors

A spate of thefts in and around Fethiye has left many boat owners without their engines.

Thieves have been targeting outboard motors on boats in the harbour and left on trailers parked on the streets.

They strike in the early hours of the morning and use bolt cutters to slice through all but the strongest of padlocks.

If you have a boat make sure you secure your outboard motor.