In this weeks round of local news snippets a Brit paraglider is injured, pool people get qualified, market reports good business, village leaders meet and a local roast pork carvery gets the thumbs up.

In this weeks round of local news snippets a Brit paraglider is injured, pool people get qualified, market reports good business, village leaders meet and a roast pork carvery.

Brit Paraglider Injured

The first accident  of the paragliding season happened when 50 year old Jim Ashley was helping his friend launch his parachute from the top of Babdağ, somehow got himself tangled up in the lines, was initially lifted off with the parachute, then fell and rolled some 200 feet down the mountain. 

Jim and friend had been on a paragliding course in the UK and come to Ölüdeniz to gain practical experience. 

We wrote during the winter about the Rescue Unit (AKUT) now based in Fethiye. 

Well on this occasion other pilots phoned the rescuers, they scrambled a helicopter from Marmaris and Jim was soon en route to the Government Hospital where he was found to have broken ribs, and injured his arm, leg and head. 

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Crystal Clear?

And the Halk Eğitim Evi (Adult Education Institute) has completed a course which produced certificated ‘Swimming Pool Chemical Operators’. 

Apparently 126 people enrolled on the course which was delivered by local Ministry of Health staff alongside instructors from the Ministry of Education. 

In total 120 people received certificates and there is a waiting list for the next such course.

If your pool is cloudy check whether the maintenance man has a certificate. 

Easily done as it is almost the same word in Turkish – sertifika.

Cheaper than Aldi?

According to traders in Fethiye’s Tuesday Market, the tourist season is well underway and they are hoping it will continue to be as good as it was last Tuesday. 

One stall holder said he’d had the best day’s trading for months and thanked the tourists for brightening his life in the midst of the current global credit crunch. 

Grand Assembly

And the Kaymakam (Governor) of Fethiye held a meeting this week for all 120 local muhtars – some of them muhtars from districts of Fethiye, others muhtars of villages which ‘report’ to Fethiye. 

The Kaymakam wheeled in the heads of all local services: Commandant of Gendarme, Director of Local Education Authority, Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Head of Local Health Services, Directors of Tax Office, Tourism & Culture, Forestry Commission, Agriculture, Highways, Water, Public Libraries, PTT and Electricity.  Did you get all that? 

The Kaymakam wanted to assure the muhtars (some of them new to the job following the elections at the end of March) that all these worthies were there to be of help in solving problems that may arise in villages or individual districts of Fethiye. 

Guess whose jugular they all went for?  Electricity of course. 

Electricity generation is no longer done by the dreaded TEDAŞ, but has been privatised and is now run by an organisation called Aydem. 

The boss man from Aydem, himself only recently arrived to take up his role in Fethiye, was inundated with complaints. 

He made lots of promises for improved services.  We shall see…………………

Roast pork anyone?

You may have heard rumours about the Zakkum restaurant serving an all you can eat Sunday carvery that includes roast pork. 

Well we can confirm it is true. 

And the 14TL cost includes your first drink.

Intrepid investigators from this website booked lunch recently and were pleased to wake up to a lovely sunny day – so we could eat outside. 

Zakkum is on the 22-metre road, just down from Migros, but on the other side opposite the Vakifbank/Finans Bank.

You get a choice of starters; roast beef, pork and chicken with a range of vegetables for main course – and yes, there is even a small portion of crackling; then a choice of puddings to finish with.

The owners are wisely not flaunting their breach of dietary practise so don’t expect all singing all dancing advertising about the carvery. 

They are not sure how long they will continue as we get into full summer, so be sure to pop in and check it’s on before planning to eat roast pork.

The other popular local carvery up at Kale Park has now finished until next winter. 

So make the most of Zakkum.