Here at Fethiye Times we are going to have a bit of a ‘silly season’, but with a difference. 

The term ‘silly season’ was originally used in the nineteenth century when, during the summer months, Parliament and the Law Courts closed down, and the newspapers had little or nothing to write about.

To fill their pages, and keep selling papers so their advertising revenue didn’t dry up, journalists wrote about ‘silly’ topics. 

These days the comings and goings of Z-list celebrities seem to fill the pages year round and, for newspapers at any rate, there is no longer an official ‘silly season’.

However, here at Fethiye Times we are going to have a bit of a ‘silly season’ with a difference. 

Whilst we rarely, if ever, write about events in parliament or the law courts, at this time of year we, like everyone else, wilt with the heat and find inspiration for articles harder and harder to come by. 

So we are going to write about, and in some cases revisit, topics on which we would like your input.

They will all have ‘silly season’ in the title and we would love you to e-mail ( with comments/personal experience – and, as ever, we reserve the right to edit your communications prior to publication.

So keep your eyes peeled for ‘silly season’ topics and start sending those e-mails.