The new complaint line helped resolve a problem with a nuisance neighbour for one English lady.

A few weeks ago we published an article about the Governor of Mugla’s new Alo 179 complaint line.

The new service, also known as Alo Governor, provides a way for foreign visitors and residents to voice their complaints about any number of issues direct to the area governors office.

The phone line is staffed by fluent English, Russian and German speaking staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also offer an email address too.

One reader, Olive Hayfield of Dalaman, contacted us to praise the service.

Her neighbour, despite several requests to stop, was allowing his dogs to run amok in the area.

They were bothering not only her pet cat but also running all over her garden.

After reading about the new Alo 179 service on she contacted them to report the nuisance.

Yesterday, ten days after the complaint was first made, local council enforcement officers and the Police turned up at the neighbours’ house.

A long discussion took place and now hopefully the situation has been resolved.

Olive said

“I had asked the neighbour on many occasions to control his dogs but he didn’t.

As a last resort I contacted the help line.

True to their promise the authorities investigated the complaint and I now hope the situation is resolved and me and my cat can enjoy our home and garden without being bothered”.

A result indeed and Olive thinks the new service is great.

Complaint Line Now Closed

The complaint line is now closed following the re-organisation of local authorities in the Mugla area of Turkey.