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Books in the Woods Investigated

The Police were called to a strange scene last week in the forest near to Fethiye town centre.

Around 150 ‘political’ books had been dumped in a spot under pine trees.

The photo of the scene included one book that featured an image of the alleged July 15 coup plotter.

The local press pictured investigators checking the scene, ‘dusting’ for finger prints and putting the books into evidence bags.

From Russia with Love


The downing of a Russian fighter jet by the Turkish Millitary near to the Turkish-Syrian border last November resulted in political storm and the implementation of a package of severe economic sanctions on Turkey by Russia.

Moscow shut down package tours to Turkey, forbade Turkish construction firms to build in Russia and banned Turkish fruit, vegetable and poultry.

The tourism ban had a significant impact on the tourism sector with cafes, bars and many of the large established hotels all but empty.

Moscow lifted the tourism ban in early July and indicated that other sanctions would be lifted too.

Last week Dalaman airport welcomed the first plane of returning Russian tourists.

They flew in from the city of Kazan.

When the plane touched down one of the airport fire tenders turned on its water canon to full flow creating an attractive water arc.

Airport management treated all the passengers to a luxury buffet when they arrived in the terminal.

Flights from other Russian airports including Perm, Ufa and Samara will start flying from Dalaman Airport next week.

Tar Very Much

Road surfacing asphalt

Fethiye Council announced last week that they have now sealed around 1.218 million square meters of dirt roads to and within villages.

This is the most that the Council have ever completed.

Villages that now have sealed roads to and within them include Çenger, Eidirek, Karacaören, Nıf, Faralya, Esenköy, Gökçeeovacık to name a few.

Image credit – Fethiye Haber Bulteni

Lucky Escape

A motorist travelling on the Kayakoy- Fethiye road had a lucky escape last week when the vehicle he was driving caught fire.

It was reported that the driver jumped from the car just as the flames engulfed the vehicle.

The fire service extinguish the fire.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.92 TL by the end of the week.

A Turkish Lira was worth 25 pence.


The forecast for the week ahead looks like this.

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