Following Turkey’s failed coup attempt on 15th July, last Thursday evening the people of Fethiye showed their solidarity for the Turkish nation and support for democracy, as they walked through the town.

Fethiye walks for democracy

The march, lead by Fethiye Mayor, Behçet Saatci and the town’s Governor, Ekrem Çalık, was a peaceful, family-centre occasion, attended by more than 5,000 people.

Fethiye walks for democracy

Love of country and solidarity

The focus of the rally was national pride for the Republic of Turkey, the country’s flag, solidarity and support for Turkish democracy and out of respect for the hundreds who died during the coup-attempt defending the Turkish nation.

The rally was jointly organised by the Fethiye municipality and the Fethiye governorship; civil societies and non governmental organisations, together with thousands of families and individuals of all ages and political persuasions, also came along to lend their support.

Fethiye walks for democracy

Security was increased for the evening and the roads along the route were closed to traffic.

Fethiye’s brass band leads the way

Fethiye walks for democracyThe crowd gathered at the Özgecan Aslan Park, before walking along Akdeniz Boulevard to the Beşkaza town square.

The popular municipality brass band played all the way, encouraging the marchers to keep in step.

Fethiye walks for democracy

‘Martyrs don’t die, our homeland will not be divided’

As the crowd made their way towards the destination, the iconic statue of Atatürk in the main square, they repeated in unison, ‘Martyrs don’t die, our homeland will not be divided.’

Once at the statue, there were readings from the Holy Koran and prayers for those who lost their lives during the attempted coup.

Fethiye walks for democracy

Fethiye walks for democracy

The Governor of Fethiye, Ekrem Çalık, and Behçet Saatçı, the mayor of Fethiye, then made speeches to the assembled crowd praising the Turkish nation for defending the nation and democracy.

The mayor concluded his speech saying: “Irrespective of party and political differences we would like to thank everyone who have joined in this Beşkaza walk for democracy when our homeland is at stake.

I just wish there could always be such unity and solidarity in our country.”

Democracy watch

Following the event about 1,000 people remained in the square for an all-night vigil.

Fethiye walks for democracy

Indeed, a peaceful Democracy Watch is being held in the town square every evening.

On Friday evening it was even larger than usual when hundreds of people, including families and children, and the town’s Janissary Band, attended a convivial gathering at which the Regional Governor, Amir Çiçek attended together with members of the Turkish parliament and high ranking officials from the region.

Also present were local dignitaries, including Mayor Saatçı, Governor Çalık and the Fethiye Mufti, Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu.

Fethiye walks for democracy

Thanks to the Fethiye Municipality Press Office for the first seven photographs and the headline photo.