Yesterday, we asked the Fethiye branch of TURSAB – The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies – for information concerning the recent State of Emergency in Turkey and what advice should be given to holiday makers who are already in touristic areas of the country, or have plans to visit in the coming three months. We have been sent two official statements: one from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Tourism and Culture and another from the head office of TURSAB. We thanked them for their prompt response.

Both relate to the State of Emergency in Turkey with regard to tourism.

The relevant section of the statement from the TC Ministry of Tourism and Culture is as follows:

“The state of emergency situation declared in the whole country for three months from 21.07.2016 is a package of precautions that will be applied within the framework of constitutional law to increase the security precautions for the purpose of ensuring that the government will be able to fight threats against the rights and freedoms of the citizens.”

“The package of precautions in question does not include any provisions that would restrict fundamental rights and freedoms. The security precautions to be applied shall, in any means, not affect the daily lives of Turkish citizens and the travels and holidays of the visitors travelling to our country and does not constitute any impediment against the international tourism processes and air traffic. There are no unfavorable conditions that would prevent our visitors to spend their holidays in safety in any of our destinations.”

The Statement from TURSAB is shown below:

TURSAB Official statement on tourism, State of Emergency in Turkey


We hope that our readers will find these clear and unambiguous statements useful and positive when making a decision about coming to Turkey for their holiday.

Further information

If you are a British passport holder we also suggest following this link for travel advice from UKinTurkey.

If you are a passport holder from any other country we suggest you follow your governments own website for information.


  1. We have just got back from Turkey and had a very nice relaxing time whilst we were there. We felt extremely safe and all the staff, excursions and shop owners were more than friendly and we were assured that everything was OK. The only time we saw any control was coming in and out of Marmaris, when there were several road blokes checking vehicles on our way through. The police were most courteous towards us. In my view I felt very safe and would recommend people to travel there. The scenery is amazing and no matter where we went people could not have been more friendly and helpful.

  2. There is nothing to be worry with going to Turkey its safe and secure Have a look at France how many incident happened in last few years does it stop people to travel to France ? NO

    anything can happened anywhere where you live. whole world is in mess generally.