Fethiye Times News – what has been going on in around this part of Turkey during the last seven days.

In a week that ended with a tragic forest fire in one of Antalya’s best loved areas, and a very special person appearing on a Turkish stamp to commemorate her environmental work, many living in Fethiye have been more than a little surprised by the Brexit vote in the UK and very disappointed the way Turkey has been used by the leave campaigners.

Headline photo

Today’s headline photo is a delicious Fethiye tomato, stuffed with local herbs, beetroot and organic goat’s cheese, made by award winning Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant chef, Kenan Yeşil. 

Fire causes devastation in Kumluca area of Antalya


In the Kumluca area of Antalya, which includes the beautiful beaches and villages of Adrasan, Cıralı and the Olympos Valley, a fire is reported to have already destroyed more than 100 hectares of countryside, including 13 houses and greenhouses, together with forest, olive, orange and pomegranate orchards.

The media has also said that many residents have had to be evacuated from their homes.

Some reports in the Turkish media said that the fire started in scrubland near a residential area of Kumluca, but others said that it started in a greenhouse area.

The Kumluca forest fire spread over 15 kms in two days.

Altogether 50 fire engines, three planes and eight helicopters have been brought in to control the blaze.

By around 8pm on Friday night it appeared that the fire had been brought under control but increasing winds in the small hours of Saturday morning resulted in the fire taking hold of other areas near to the district of Belen.

On Saturday night it was said that Cirali, Adrasan and Ulupinar and to a lesser extent the Olympos valley were full of smoke. Whatever the case, with increasing wind, it has quickly spread to other areas and on Sunday afternoon there were multiple fires.

At the time of writing there have been no reports of any people being killed or injured.

Fethiye Times reminds its readers to always be very careful and follow the guidelines.

Kaptan June – June Haimoff – get’s a stamp

June satmp

June Haimoff, whose name has become synonymous with sea turtles and helping to save their important nesting beach at Iztuzu, Dalyan, from touristic development, is being celebrated on a Turkish postage stamp.

Kaptan June, as she is known, said: “I have been honored with my own personal postage stamp. Throughout my long life I have enjoyed many highlights but this is one I could not have anticipated.

Attitudes towards Referendum

Based in London but thinking of Turkey
Based in London but thinking of Turkey

The Turkish media were out on the streets of Fethiye on Friday morning following the success of the Brexit vote in the UK on 23rd June. It turns out that, like many, holiday makers in Fethiye were surprised by the result and although some thought there could be bad consequences, others were not aware that the UK had voted to leave the European Union.

Here is a translation of the story that appeared in several local newspapers:

One woman, a regular visitor to Çalış, said it was a big surprise and “we expected the Remain camp to win; this result was a big surprise for us. Britain in the future must be a strong country; I hope it will be.” She added that in the short term it wouldn’t have an effect on relations between Turkey and Britain. “Who knows about the relations between the two countries? We’ll have to wait and see,” she said.

Regarding the possibility of France and Holland wanting to leave the EU too, as a result of the british vote, that’s their choice, she said.

“We’ve broken the chattels of the EU,” said another tourist, “The result has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are that bad things may happen and therefore we should have stayed. There will be negative effects on the economy. Sterling fell after the referendum and this looks like it will continue. Overseas companies will think twice about investing in Britain but later on there may be an improvement. The advantages are that because Britain is a member of the EU, there has been a lot of immigration. Even if companies withdraw their investments, the tide of immigration may turn. This is our main advantage. We can control our borders better, because the EU keeps on saying to us, ‘you’ll do so and so; you’ll take this many immigrants.’ From now on we’ll make our own decisions. In a way, we’ve broken the shackles of the EU,” he said.

He added that he was surprised by David Cameron’s resignation, saying: “I watched a bit of it on TV this morning and he resigned. I think he should have stayed.”

Another English person said, “I didn’t know what the result was; there’s always conflict in England and for that reason we should have stayed in the EU. We are a small country and we must remain strong. The result was a total disappointment for me.”

In reaction to the announcement by Prime Minister Cameron that he would resign in three months, following the UK’s decision, another English tourist said, “I don’t he is important.”


A Brexit poster
A Brexit poster

Many Turkish people and foreign nationals who live in and around Fethiye said they were deeply saddened by the way Turkey was used as a way of encouraging voters to take the Brexit option.

Injured Loggerhead sea turtle



Last week, the Fethiye Coast Guard rescued a sea turtle, badly injured by a propeller. TEMA representative, Okyay Tirli said that the sea turtle had been hit by a speedboat and had been rescued in a 45-minute operation by the Coast Guard and staff from the Ece Marina.

The sea turtle was taken to DEKAMER, the sea turtle rehabilitation NGO in Iztuzu, Dalyan where it will receive treatment in a special pool.

Expats invited for İftar meal

IMG_0785Last Thursday evening British nationals living in Fethiye joined with their Muslim neighbours when they were invited to an İftar meal at the Kale Park restaurant by the Fethiye Mufti, Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu, and his team from the town’s Müftülüğü.

This is the Fethiye branch of Diyanet, the Islamic Affairs Ministry.

Sufi music and prayers accompanied the meal, which is eaten after sunset, to break the fast that takes place during daylight hours, from sunrise to sunset.

There was also a speech by the Mufti, during which he reminded his guests that this is a time for forgiveness, welcoming foreigners and in particular, refugees.

He added that the Mufti were handing out Ramadan packages of food to the Syrian refugees.

Heat wave to continue but rain forecast too

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.14.37

Turkey has been told to expect the heat wave to continue in some parts of the country but the State Meteorological Office also warns of thunderstorms in the southwest of the country on Wednesday.

People have been told to take care when out in the sun, and “resist moving too quickly.” the statement suggested that summer clothes in lighter colors were worn to help the body maintain its normal temperature.

Also, to avoid dehydration, people should drink plenty of water and bowls of water should be left for pets, street animals and wildlife.

As far as food is concerned, Turkish people are being advised to avoiding too much protein and alcohol and to take care not to leave children and animals in cars has also been recommended, as the high temperatures inside vehicles prove fatal.

Our thoughts are with people who are fasting during Ramazan during this hot summer.

Call by Turkish tourism chief to end all inclusive holidays in Turkey

According to TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agencies Association) President Başaran Ulusoy, Turkey must end the all-inclusive resort system.

He claimed that this kind of tourism results in revenue losses, as although the price of such holidays remain pretty constant the cost of running all-inclusive resorts increase year on year.

In the English language paper, the Hürriyet Daily News he was reported to have said:

“As this system is, by its nature, attractive for cost-savvy tourists, such hotels cannot raise their prices, although their costs are increasing year by year. The prevalence of the system in Turkey has had a diminishing factor over the sector revenue. What we should do is decrease the number of all-inclusive hotels in a gradual manner.”

Exchange rates

With the markets already sliding even before the referendum at the prospect of a BREXIT vote, it was no surprise when they became even more confused and tumbled dramatically on Friday following the results.


At one point on Friday the Sterling to Turkish rate dropped to below 4TL to £ for the first time since 2015 but a slight rise at the end of trading saw the pound creep over the hurdle ending up at 4.00599TL.