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As the debate leading up to the EU in/out referendum continued to grip the UK last week in Fethiye it was Ramazan (Ramadan) that was on the minds of most citizens who were fasting from dawn until dusk.

Waste Not Wear Not

Kid as robot June 2016

A group of 95 young students from 12 schools took part in a fashion show at the Cultural Centre in Fethiye last week.

But the show had a little twist as the clothes were all made out of everyday items that we all throw away including foam, newspaper, off cuts, cardboard, straws and old sacks.

The event was organised to raise awareness of the waste we ‘waste’.

Waste clothes kid wedding dress June 2016

Hash Smash

There was another drugs find last week in Seydikemer.

This time the local security services using a sniffer dog found 563 roots, 100g of seeds, 100g of leaves and 4 unlicensed shotguns.

A man was arrested and apprehend in court in Fethiye.

The drugs were later destroyed.

A few weeks ago as we reported the security services found a greenhouse full of the cash crop.

That is their biggest haul to date.

Cons and Rubbers

AKUT are there 24/7 as front line support
AKUT are there 24/7 as front line support

A group of convicts donned gloves and helped members of the mountain rescue team AKUT last week to clean the coastal areas around Karagozler.

They rigged up lines and scaled the steep slopes leading down to the water collecting litter along the way.

The press said the event provided a good training opportunity for the AKUT team and a good activity to integrate the prisoners back into society.

Tortoise Rescue

Motorists, please keep a look out for Fethiye's tortoises

Members of the mountain rescue team AKUT were back in the headlines later in the week when they were called to a strange rescue.

The owner of a villa in Ovacik has been cleaning one of their storm drains when they heard a strange noise.

On further investigation they found a small tortoise had become stuck having fallen into the open pipe.

A phone call later and AKUT were on the scene.

The tortoise couldn’t be rescued by conventional means so they determined that the best way to free the stranded tortoise would be to wash it through the pipe.

So they called the Fire Department who sent a tender.

After a few preliminary preparations to protect the tortoise (bundled up rags) they let the firehouse do its thing.

The tortoise then shot out of the pipe and was then recovered. It was alive.

The 8 man rescue team were then pictured by the waiting press pack with the rescued tortoise proudly held.

Another unique rescue for the logs of the local Fethiye AKUT team.

More details on the work of AKUT on their website here https://www.akut.org.tr/en

Bungee Jumping Comes to Saklikent

Saklikent gorge which is one of the most popular natural attractions in the area hosted its first bungee jumping opportunity last week and the local press were there to report on it.

The operators told the press that the crane that suspends the jump pad is some 50 meters high and the actual jump is a 40 metres drop.

The local TV showed eager visitors making the jump.

Mosque Top Nest

Muğla's stork population particularly like to nest on the domes of mosques
Muğla’s stork population particularly like to nest on the domes of mosques

The roof of a mosque in the village of Esenköy featured in the local press last week because of a pair of storks who were nesting on it.

They spoke with the imam who said that the pair of storks had first found the roof of the mosque as a suitable nesting spot some 8 years ago and they have been returning ever since.

He said that neighbours and visitors to the mosque love to see the storks and often ask how they are getting on.

Fethiye Times Two Millionth Visitor

Visitor map and stats June 2016

We welcomed our 2 millionth visitor since 8 March 2010 to Fethiye Times last week.

Fethiye Times has been going since 2005 but we added the little counter at the bottom of each page back in 2010 to let us know where our visitors are reading us from.

As the image shows above we have a truly global reach!


Turkish Money

It was another bumpy week for the British Pound as BREXIT fears spooked currency traders.

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 4.17 TL to the British Pound.

The week before it had traded at 4.21 TL.

Last month the Turkish Lira traded to a high of 4.38 TL and a low of 4.15 TL to the British Pound.


Watch out next week as the temperature is about to really ramp up.

The forecast is expecting a ten degree jump with highs in the low 40s for a few days before settling back into the 30s.

Weather week 11june16

And Finally

Metro opening

The retail development of Fethiye continues to grow with a national cash and carry setting up shop in the town at the end of the month.

The Turkish cash and carry chain Metro will be opening a new branch in Fethiye on 30 June.