During the summer months the weather in Fethiye is invariably hot and sunny… but at other times of the year it appears to be just as predictable too – and once again the Coptic Calendar has been proved right!

Weather patterns or meteorological fluke?

Early March weather in Fethiye is running true to form. On March 10th 2011 we ran a story describing chilly temperatures, rain and wind. Five years to the day and we have the same scenario.

A holiday to Fethiye is full of sunshine and warm seas

This is what we wrote:

Observers may think the current weather is unseasonal but not according to the Turkish Storm Calendar.

The calendar, which is based on the Coptic weather calendar, uses decades of weather observations to predict significant weather events.

The calendar marks the period around the 11th of March each year as a time when cold winds will blow.

The calendar has been used by farmers and mariners for years and we can see why.

The cold air will stay until Saturday when warmer temperatures will return.”

The same applies today with wind, rain and thunder toads to the fall in temperature, and although once again the sun is forecast to shine on Saturday, it looks like it will be back to rain and low temperatures again next week.

More unsettled weather is due over the next few days
More unsettled weather is due over the next few days

Later in the month there could also have a wind storm too, at least according to the stories we wrote back in March 2007 and 2009. 

Let’s see what happens? Will the Ancient Turkish Storm Calendar get it right?