Road users face a 33% increases in charges for using the Göcek Tunnel on the Muğla to Antalya road following New Year tax hikes.

Göcek tunnel 2

Now, motorists who want to use the Gocek tunnel will be charged as follows:

1st class (cars) from 3.5TL to 4.5TL

2nd class (trucks etc) from 4.5TL from 6TL

3rd class from 7TL to 9TL

Large vehicles from 10TL to 13TL

Motorcycles from 1.5TL to 2TL

Some motorists are now boycotting the tunnel, preferring to take their chances on the old winding road, over the Göcek Pass.

The second tunnel was expected to be completed by May 2015 but has yet to be opened.

Once it is, the original tunnel is expected to be closed for repairs.


  1. i suppose it isn’t a lot when your on holiday but if you’re using it on a daily basis it could get a bit much. i do prefer the trip up top on the old road though