The Fethiye district National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE), part of a nation wide NGO of health professionals, better known for their work rescuing and dealing with life threatening emergencies involving humans, last week used their skills to rescue a trapped canine.

It appears that a young Siberian Husky had made a bid for freedom and ran into the mountains behind Göcek but the long chain, to which he was still attached, had become entangled on the rocks that form part of the Taşbaşı cliffs, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get free.


Unable to move for four days, his howling was heard by a local resident who dialled emergency services 112 and alerted the fire brigade, who were able to locate the husky; however, as the dog was trapped some 200 metres down the cliff, they couldn’t reach him and this is when UMKE came to the rescue.

With ropes and climbing equipment, members of the team were lowered to the rocks and untangled the chain, freeing the dog.

Fethiye UMKE to the rescue

A happy ending

The husky was taken to Göcek Fire Station, and while he was given food and water, the Göcek municipality’s local tannoy system was used to find the owner.

Fethiye UMKE to the rescueIn a statement to the media, a spokesperson for UMKE, Ergun Kocagöz, said that although it was the first time UMKE had been involved in an animal rescue, it had been a great experience and much more enjoyable than they had anticipated.


UMKE logo

UMKE is Turkey’s National Medical Rescue Team. The highly professional members of the team are usually called out to rescue humans and are trained to deal with large scale human and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, as in the case of the Van earthquake in 2011.