There are some interesting events happening in the skies above Fethiye this week…

This is nothing new and over the millennia the position of the sun and moon have influenced many cultures and religions. However, this year there are several important events all happening at pretty much the same time.

Furthermore, this is a great time for star gazing and sun and moon watching and with clear skies forecast in Fethiye what better place can there be?

The first of these events is tomorrow morning, which is why we are posting this story tonight.

Winter Solstice ‘leap year’

This year the winter solstice will on Tuesday, 22nd December. This usually happens on 21st December. However, this year, rather like when there are leap years, the solstice is pushed back by another six hours, compensating for a year being calculated as 365.5 days long.

The winter solstice will happen in Fethiye at 06:49. This also signifies the time for the festival of Yule or Yuletide. For pagans it has long been a time of midwinter celebrations but it is also great news that from now on the days will now start to get longer and although winter is by no means over… we can now all start looking forward to spring.

A Holy Night for Sunni Muslims


For Muslims in Turkey, the majority of whom are Sunni,  at sunset on Tuesday night (22nd) the nativity of Prophet Mohammad; Mevlid-i Şerif, Mevlüt – The Name begins.

The date is the 12th day of Rabi’ al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar, a very important night in the Astronomical 12-moon calendar.

Full moon for Christmas Day


Then, to round off the week, there is a full moon on the 25th December, which is Christmas Day.

This is also the last full moon of 2015.

Our headline photo is sunrise on Christmas  Day 2012.