This meeting happened last week but even so we want to share this rather remarkable story with you.

Last week, Toyoshige Sekiguchi, a Buddhist monk from Japan, came to Fethiye, where he started on a walk for peace, which will eventually take him to Antalya.

A visit to the Fethiye mayor

Toyoshige Sekiguchi meets with Behçet Saatcı, the Fethiye Mayor
Toyoshige Sekiguchi meets with Behçet Saatcı, the Fethiye Mayor

While in Fethiye, he paid a visit to Behçet Saatcı, the Mayor of Fethiye but his main reason for coming to Turkey is to attend the G20 summit in Antalya. Meanwhile he is walking for peace and quietly spreading his message for nuclear disarmament. Once at the G20 summit, Sekiguchi proposes to deliver a letter, which he has been carrying from Dr.Ulrich Maly, the Mayor of Nuremberg, to give to the Mayor of Antalya Metropolis, Menderes Türel.

Toyoshige Sekiguchi walking for peace

What the mayor said:

Mayor Saatçı said of the monk, his peace walk, and all things nuclear:

This [letter] is part of a campaign for nuclear disarmament, which has a history going back to the atom bombs dropped at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Toyoshige Sekiguchi is an ambassador of peace and while visiting our country [Turkey] will walk for peace from Fethiye to Antalya. He plans to deliver the letter at the G20 summit on the 12th of November. We congratulate him for his efforts. Sometimes you have to act like Gandhi. It is possible to sustain peace with these kind of things, without resorting to weapons. Germany used its own nuclear initiative but decided to close down all nuclear power stations by 2016 and Germany is the giant of Europe. Similar campaigns have gained momentum all over the world. I fail to understand why some countries favour nuclear energy while Germany prefers to benefit from the sun, wind and hydroelectricity. God knows – Turkey is one of these countries. We intend to build nuclear power stations. We have even signed contracts with Russia for them. In fact, since we have been on rather strained terms with Russia, our authorities said that Russia was not the only country to produce nuclear energy, that the Japanese also produce it. After the last Tsunami, we all witnessed how nuclear power stations affected life in Japan. I congratulate Toyoshige for his efforts. Sometimes even a single person can change the world and Gandhi’s stand against the British is a good example.”


Walking for peace across the world

The Buddhist monk had his photograph taken with Mayor Saatçı and, after praying in front of the municipality building, he started walking towards Antalya. Toyoshige Sekiguchi has been walking all over the world since 2009, praying for peace and nuclear disarmament. He also initiated a walk for peace and nuclear disarmament during the G7 summit at Elmau.

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