For the second time in six months the Turkish electorate will be voting for a new government when they return to the polling stations on Sunday 1st November to caste their votes.

The clocks in Turkey would normally fall back an hour with the end of daylight saving but as a result of the general election this will now be delayed for two weeks.

Delay to the end of Daylight Saving Time

Turkey is currently within the Eastern European Time (EET) zone as observed in countries including Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Kaliningrad (Russia), Ukraine. EET is UTC or Greenwich Mean Time +2 hours.

Because of delaying the end to daylight saving until 8th November, it will mean that for two weeks, from 25th October to the early hours of 8th November, Turkey will be Greenwich Mean Time +3 hours. Clocks in Turkey will change one hour from 4:00 (4 am) to 3:00 (3 am) local time on Sunday, November 8, 2015.

Lighter mornings

News reports say the delay will ensure it is daylight during the opening hours of the polling stations.

According to the Turkish authorities this will make it safer for the voters.
This is not the first time that Turkey has delayed the clock change. In 2014 the start of DST was delayed by a day due to local elections, and in 2011 it was delayed because of a nationwide exam.

A timely reminder

We will remind you again nearer the time but don’t forget if you are travelling, as for two weeks Turkey will be three hours ahead of the UK and two hours ahead of most European countries, apart from Turkey’s southwestern neighbor, Greece where there will be one hour’s difference, as opposed to none.

So, if you are planning on coming to Turkey during the period from 25th October to 8th November, please make sure you check flight, ferry, and bus times in the country from which you are travelling to ensure you get them at the right time.



  1. Hello, thanks for this article!

    I was wondering what happened with daylight savings time until my good Turkish friends let me know about the delay.

    My girlfriend and I are leaving Turkey to head to Rome on October 30th, so does this mean that mean we should just pretend that daylight’s saving time is in effect here in Turkey? Otherwise it would mean that we would miss our flight to follow the current Turish time?

    • We can only suggest you check with the airline… making any assumptions about the time could mean you miss your flight.