The Lira Limbo: How low can it go? Global exchange rates are sensitive these days, reacting to domestic and international events almost as they happen.

The Turkish Lira has been in a parlous state for a while now and, as a result, sterling now buys holidaymakers more than ever before.

Although it’s tough times for many Turkish people, it is very good news for British tourists coming on holiday to Turkey this summer.

So why not make the most of it?

Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Great for Holiday Makers
Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Great for Holiday Makers

Change in Turkey

Your sterling will be much appreciated by local businesses and is it far more prudent to bring your sterling with you and change it here rather than buy it in the UK.

The Turkish Lira has now reached a new low against the major currencies; for example, the British Pound now buys you 4.33TL and each Euro buys you 3.05TL.

Turkish lira coins

As a result, holidaymakers planning to visit the popular Muğla holiday resorts of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Bodrum and Marmaris will find their holiday spending money goes even further for the rest of the 2015 summer season.

For British holidaymakers, your British Pound will give you even more holiday spending money than last season when the pound/Turkish Lira rate was hovering at the 3.50 rate.

Better Value

But just how far will your Pound go? Here are few examples of how your holiday £s will go further.

– A beer in a typical bar costs 8.5TL to 9TL, still under £2.00.

– A meal for two that cost 100 TL means an economical £23.25

– Full English Breakfasts in Hisarönü are about 12TL – £2.79 by our reckoning

The full English breakfast experience
The full English breakfast experience for less

– Fresh wild caught sea bream and bass were 30TL today, just under £7.00

Cheaper than chips - and fish
Cheaper than chips – and tasty fresh fish

– Fancy that nice bottle of wine in a restaurant for 50 TL? That’s £11.60 to you! And supermarket prices are much cheaper, of course

– Smokers too can save with a 9TL packet of 20 now costing just £2.09

– A typical ‘indi-bindi’ town bus fare of 2.00 Lira is 50 pence

Taşyaka-Karagözler dolmuş

– That essential small bottle of water, it’s hot at the moment in case you forgot, costs 0.25 TL or 5 pence in a supermarket and 2TL or 50 pence in bars


These are just some basic examples. But maybe another way to look at how far your cash could go is if you look at the savings on an average holiday spend.

more, More, MORE… How do you like it?

If, for example, a family spent £1,000 whilst on holiday, the current exchange rate would mean they would get 4,300 TL compared with 3,600TL, a whopping 700TL or £160 more to spend than this time last year.

Now that’s a winning combination and another good reason to come on a Turkish holiday to one of the popular resorts of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Çalış, Hisarönü or Ovacik or other parts of Turkey this year.

The exchange rates quoted here are interbank rates and not the one you get when changing cash. Always shop around for best exchange rates and keep an eye on commission charges.