This week’s Fethiye Times Top 5 focuses on Blogs About Turkey and was originally intended to be short, cheerful piece, promoting some of the excellent writing by foreign nationals about what it’s like to live there.

But this week alarmist and inaccurate British tabloid journalism concerned many thousands of people who care about Turkey, particularly its tourism.

Foreign Office Renews Travel Advice for Turkey

Tabloid trouble

With the support of the FCO and British Embassy we posted our short response on Sunday, attracting a massive amount of support and reaction, all of which rejected the tabloids’ message.

One person at least has already taken the trouble to write to the UK Independent Press Standards Organisation. Philip Swan is a retired university lecturer and Turkophile, who spends as much time in the country as possible. His words sum up the feelings of every one who has commented and contacted us this week:

The original article falsely juxtaposes stock photographs of holidaymakers on a beach and ISIS gunmen. The follow up article of 15 June has a similar stock photograph of Kaputas Beach near Kalkan and terrorists with RPGs. Kaputaş Beach is approximately 1,000 km from the Syrian border and not within the area identified by the Foreign Office to avoid![The articles are] inaccurate both in text content and is illustrated with out of context imagery. It does not in any way reflect the advice to visitors to Turkey by the Foreign Office. The intention appears to be to cause the greatest possible anxiety to visitors to Turkey, a country that is no less safe than any other holiday destination in the world.”

We want to set the record straight by showing our readers what living or holidaying in Turkey is really like: all the beauty, cultural wealth and occasional quirkiness. After all, thousands of people, from all over the English-speaking world, have come to Turkey as tourists and, loving what they found, decided to stay.

Kaputaş Beach

Having got that off our chests please read and enjoy today’s post…

Top Five Blogs About Turkey

Fethiye Times: Top Five Blogs About Turkey

The blogging scene has taken off around the world over the last decade and Turkey has some excellent English language ones for which the Turkish tourism authorities and industry should be grateful. Every day there are colourful, candid and beautifully written offerings, spreading the word across the world, appearing on our screens.

Loving a place, or a person, doesn’t mean you have to be blind to faults or in any sense noncritical when faced with difficult issues. For many bloggers and bloggees, part of the process is sharing information, experiences and concerns; making it a valuable way of understanding and coming to terms with cultural and social differences. Here are our favourites, in no particular order:

Turkish Travel Blog

Fethiye Times Top Turkish blogs

This travel blog is about Turkish Travel experiences: the people, the culture, photos, traditions and life. Click here to go to the blog

Turkey’s for Life

Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey's tourist icon
Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey’s tourist icon

Barry and Julia came to Fethiye in 1998. They say, ‘We were the sort of couple that went to the same place twice on holiday. There’s a whole wide world out there to see and Fethiye is just one small corner of it. We wanted to travel… except we got a bit grabbed by Fethiye (most people do) and that was that!’ To visit their blog click here.

Archers of Okçular

Iztuzu: not Okçular but not far away!
Iztuzu: not Okçular but not far away!

After 14 years living in the farming village of Okçular near Ortaca in Muğla province in the SW of Turkey, there are so many stories to tell; some are cautionary, some are interesting and some are downright hilarious. To visit this blog click here.

Senior Dogs Abroad


Mark and Jolee living in Istanbul from 2008-2012. We hear they are planning to come back to Turkey for good. Their blog can be found here.

Back to Bodrum

Bodrum Sunset
Bodrum Sunset

Annie chronicles daily life in Bodrum with glimpses back over 30 years to the inaccessible fishing village that found itself a magnet for artists, intellectuals, sailors and intrepid tourists. To visit Annie’s blog click here.

If you’re looking for more…

There are so many more but these are the ones we read most regularly. Click here if you want to find other blogs about Turkey.

We have also enjoyed reading blogs by Leigh Turner, who writes a blog about Turkey and things Turkish. Some very interesting posts as he is the Consul General and Director-General for Trade & Investment for Turkey, Central Asia and the South Caucasus

Enjoy your visit to Turkey…