The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) updated its travel advice to Turkey last week, on 10th June.

They updated advice on visits to Diyarbakir. The specific warning to British Citizens to steer clear the border area with Syria remain.

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to: the areas of Sirnak, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis and Hatay provinces. Also Siirt, Tunceli and Hakkari provinces.

‘Alarmist and inaccurate’

Whilst those familiar with Turkey will understand that these areas are hundreds of miles from Fethiye and other popular resorts in western and southern Turkey some of the British press cannot resist the opportunity to deter visitors.

UK newspaper, The Express, ran a story on Saturday:

SHOCK WARNING: Terror threat to MILLIONS of holiday makers as ISIS target TURKEY’.

The British Ambassador in Turkey, Richard Moore, tweeted his opinion of their story earlier this afternoon.

Foreign Office Renews Travel Advice for Turkey

‘No substantive change’


A spokesperson for HM British Consul in Istanbul told us:

We have been working on this through the night with our news desk in London trying to damp down the scaremongering. There has been no substantive change to the terrorism related advice for several years. Over 2,500,000 British nationals visit Turkey every year. Most visits are trouble-free.

Fethiye Times has cooperated with KTLN in Kalkan to produce this story, which we see as being very important for tourism in Turkey.

If you want to know more about the official FCO advice visit their website page here.



  1. such a blessing to read this information and I will share it with friends to spread the word! Perhaps the Press that caused this outburst will pay the local Turkish business’s for loss of earning due to lack of tourism!

    • My daughter is going to live their in sept with her turkish boyfriend they will be living in side. his family live in gaziantep i really dont want her to go to antep as i feel it maybe unsafe for her please could you give me some advice on the danger for her if she went to antep

  2. The express should hang their head in shame for this so called report. Well express what good came of it apart from sales of your comic????? Guess that’s all you are about??

  3. So happy to have read this as me and my family are going to Turkey this year and was a little worried this has now made me feel better about traveling to Turkey.

  4. The best thing you can do is stop reading The Express Perhaps the drop in readership will bring them to their senses.

    • Carry on checking the travel information link and you’ll be able to decide for yourself, Robert.

    • Belek is safe its hundreds of miles from boarder. Mainly AI hotels, each having their own security gate which is usually a way from hotel proper.

  5. I think this is disgusting my mother & father live in Turkey & worry about them all the time, being so far away, but with scaremongering like this worries me to death no need for this undue stress on my self & the rest of my family that live here in Britain

  6. I am so relieved to hear this with my family coming over in 4 weeks time , I dont read the newspapers any more as mostly they make things up just for a story ,someone posted it on social media is how I read it , and must admit it did frighten me a bit,

  7. […] Update : If you have arrived at this page because of the stupid, fear mongering article printed by the Daily Express newspaper on June the 13th, please just ignore it. Even the British ambassador to Turkey has called it alarmist and inaccurate – Read more here […]

  8. […] Update : If you have arrived at this page because of the stupid, fear mongering article printed by the Daily Express newspaper on June the 13th, warning Britons that they are not safe to travel to Turkey, please just ignore it. Even the British ambassador to Turkey has called it alarmist and inaccurate – Read more here […]

  9. this is disgusting what the press put in papers scaring people if this is not a place to visit the government will tell us and then it’s your own choice to travel

  10. I live in Turkey and feel quite safe here. I worry about my son and daughter living in London far more than they need to worry about me.

    • I agree with you Mandy !!!! I am on Holiday in Fethiye at the moment and I feel more safer here than what I ever did when I lived in London !!!!!

  11. Any Part of turkey is Save 100% there is no where where you have to be scared actually is as Save as it is in England i think they dont want you to come to Turkey that is why they do that they want you to go to spain or grecce but The People That visit turkey know better

  12. I have lived in Turkey for the past nine years I feel safer here than I did in the UK I cannot understand the Uk newspapers reporting such lies .
    The Turkish people are the most friendly giving people I have ever met and Ive travelled around a lot of different countries

  13. Yes, of course British civilians are at risk from terrorists – that’s why London was bombed. But I would rather go to Dalyan than London any day – and feel safer – and more welcome. I am all to frequently ashamed to be British when the tabloids publish such absolute rubbish (I was carefully polite there). The trouble is, their average ignorant reader will believe it – and what’s worse, wants to believe it.

  14. . . . and I apologise for writing ‘to frequently’ and not ‘too frequently’. I was just ‘too’ angry to concentrate properly . . . .

  15. We came back a week ago from Dalyan in Turkey no trouble what so ever a beautiful country with lovely people please don’t let the press put you off

  16. I have just booked my holiday to Turkey in September and was a little worried seeing this article, and then remembered, as I and my late husband have been visiting Turkey since 1994, that there have previously been various incidents in different places in Turkey due to political unrest. But hang on a minute…….how many problems have there been in our own Capital city but we don’t think anything about traveling there – and daily life goes on. I look forward to my holiday and thankful that the security there will be as best as it can be.

  17. I’m so happy that I have seen this my wife and I are going to Marmaris in July for our 3 wedding Annaversary and we saw the Newspaper report which really worried us to the point we nearly cancelled our holiday. My wife has been to Marmaris twice before and said it is a lovely place we are both not big drinkers at all and will be respectfull to the locals. We just want a beautiful time. The newspapers are awful had us in so much worry!!

  18. I am feeling so sad for the people in Dalyan that have businesses. Summer is the only time most of the people earn any money. It has to last them and their families through the winter.
    My husband and I moved here from the centre of London six years ago.
    We feel a lot safer here.
    I would advise anyone coming to Turkey on Holiday to come and enjoy the warm hospitality in such a beautiful country?
    Turkey is at least seven times bigger than the U K!
    Enjoy your holidays in Turkey, without any worries.
    Jenny Millard.

  19. We have a villa in Turkey and have just returned from 16 days in which we had our best holiday yet, It is a fact that bad news sell’s papers and their circulation must have gone through the roof ,we neither seen any problems or heard of any , I feel we have more Turkish friends than English one,s , are they worried , only the fact that they may not see as many visitors this year but we would not let the troubles of the IRA stop us going to Ireland, the only problem we did have was the heat, 90 degree,s plus, our family asked on our return if we had seen any trouble ,as they go every year ,Turkey have to accept refugee’s and this is one of the reasons why the exchange rate is high , so for me, enjoy your cheap holiday and tip them after each meal , I hope this helps the faint hearted .Gil McClean

  20. Me and my wife got married in 2010 in Marmaris, couldn’t fault it, the people are so friendly, the year after on our 1st Anniversary we spotted some apartments being built, guess what, We have been in ours now for 4years and I plan to retire there next year when I turn 60, just been there for 4 weeks while Ramadan was on, that’s supposed to be the most high risk month, we didn’t hear terrorism mentioned once, I have a lot of Turkish friends and they are genuine people, very patriotic, they ask me why tourism is down 30 percent as they can’t seem to understand what the problem is, i will tell you my opinion, what happened in Tunisia could happen in England or any where, if you listen to the press you would never go anywhere, remember, they have to sell papers

  21. What is happening to the tourist industry in Turkey because of this ridiculous scaremongering is nothing short of a tragedy !!! If it was dangerous why would the British government not take out all the Brits that live here?? like me for example!! There are very few tourists here and many businesses will be going bust this year. Turkey is a massive country!! Its like people in northern England being scared because there’s unrest in the South of France for Gods Sake!! Get your facts right people!! PLEASE!!! My Turkish husband is out again at this very moment trying to find work because the season has STILL not really started because of these LIES…………………..for Gods sake look at a map AND look at the scale and how far ALL the tourist areas are from the unrest. Keep in mind THIS fact *YOU ARE SAFER IN TURKEY THAN YOU ARE IN UK*

  22. So glad I found this , we are visiting turkey in a few weeks with our children (booked may2014) and all this year we have been debating on weather to cancel or not . I have not been able to sleep and am in panic mode and have been googling constantly to help me decide .was even considering losing out on all we paid on our holiday so we dont have to go . Im hoping reading views of brits living there will help me relax n enjoy the holiday .thank you 🙂

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