For the last decade Kismet Bar has been a popular haunt with Fethiye’s British community.

But since the end of last season they have been waiting for their bar of choice to be knocked down.

Stoicism and stiff upper lips

Nevertheless, it seems that there are many stoic yet cheerful individuals,

with that quintessentially British stiff upper lip,

who are cheerfully determined to enjoy their favourite drinking hole for as long as possible,

even though the buildings all around are in the process of being demolished.

Kismet 5

Kismet 6

Kismet 3

‘We’ll stay as long as possible’

Because of subsidence, the strip of bars and restaurants has become known locally as the ‘drunken buildings’

but since a structural survey the authorities said that they must be replaced and now the vast majority of the buildings are empty.

Val's Bar
Val’s Bar – now closed
Flooding in the Kismet Bar neighbourhood
Flooding in the Kismet Bar neighbourhood this winter

Bar owners, Ian and Nigel said,

At the end of the day we plan to stay here as long as we possibly can.
Although there are ruins all around us, we are perfectly safe here in Kismet Bar
and will continue hosting our popular events for as long as we have a building.
We are delighted that our many loyal customers are stoically supporting us;
we are busy most nights. In fact we are having one of our best winters so far,
despite floods and demolition squads.”

Nigel and Ian - Kısmet Bar
Nigel and Ian – Kısmet Bar’s characterful owners

‘Tilted buildings’ as a tourist attraction?

A church in Germany has entered the Guiness Book of Records -
A German church has entered the Guiness Book of Records

While it still seems that Fethiye will be loosing its ‘drunken buildings’ sooner or later, there are many in other

countries that have been stabilized, becoming famous money-making tourist sites due to their weird slopes and angles.

The most famous of all - Pisa
Probably the most famous of all, Pisa – Italy
The Crooked House, Dudley
The Crooked House, Dudley – UK
Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Windsor – UK
Lavenham – UK
Sopot – Poland
Ulm - Germany
Ulm – Germany


  1. If you think the Crooked House in Dudley looks bad from the outside, when you go inside then it becomes really weird.