Reports in the Turkish press say that on rainy days drivers are worried by the water seen seeping into the Göcek Tunnel.

Opened in 2006

Officially opened in 2006 by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was Prime Minister at that time,

the 950 metre long Göcek Tunnel took 17 years, 13 governments and eight prime ministers to be completed.

Now water has been seen seeping through the walls on rainy days, and officials say this constitutes a danger for tunnel users.

Göcek tunnel 3

As a consequence of the leaks, the authorities have said that if precautionary steps are not taken,

the cement and the steel rods embedded in it will start to disintegrate.

New tunnel nearing completion

Drivers using the current Göcek tunnel have to pay a fee.

Göcek tunnel 2

However, the second tunnel, which was started in September 2013, will be free of charge.

It is expected to be completed by May, this year in readiness for the tourism season.

Repairs to begin as soon as possible

Aydın Meral, Operations Manager of Göcek Tunnel, said that they are waiting for the new tunnel

to be completed before they could start alterations in the existing one.

He said:

As soon as that tunnel is completed, we shall close this one for repairs.
We are presently negotiating with the Highways Department and have drawn up plans for the alterations.
The condition in the tunnel is giving cause for concern and as soon as the new tunnel is completed we will close it.
Repairs and alterations at once, which we expect to take about five months.”

Meral stressed that there is no danger of the tunnel collapsing and the main problem is water seeping

into the tunnel from the ground and concluded by saying:

The tunnel will be completely renovated and all we ask is that drivers keep their speed down when using the tunnel.”