On Sunday March 1st a group of runners from Fethiye took part in the 10th Runatolia,

an annual sports event held in Antalya.

runatolia banner 1

They are now looking forward to participating in Race for Life – Turkey on April 12th.

With Fethiye having an increasing number of running and jogging enthusiasts of all ages,

there was a strong turn out from the town with an international group of entrants,

providing a foretaste of the town’s own Race for Life.

Christine Rimmer
Christine Rimmer

10th Runatolia: the biggest so far

With 3,500 participants, running 10k, half marathons and marathons in

Antalya on Sunday march 1st, Runatolia showed Race for Life –Turkey’s organisers

how Fethiye’s own event could eventually look in years to come,

attracting runners from all over Turkey and beyond.

Runatolia: the start of the race
Runatolia: the start of the race

Runatolia is the name given to the event formerly known as Runtalya Marathon,

which was organized for the first time on 19th of March 2006.

Crowds at Runatolia
Crowds at Runatolia

Over the last decade the event had grown considerably,

attracting both home grown and international competitors.

Running for charity

Fethiye's team running to raise money for the Fethiye Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse
Fethiye’s team running to raise money for the Fethiye Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Seyran Sucu, Mustafa Kızıltaş, Uğur Çaçoron, Mustafa Alper, İlyas Öktem, Ünal Sönmez all ran the half marathon,

raising money for the Fethiye Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Seyran Sucu
Seyran Sucu

Race for Life team

Deniz Öge and Burak Öge
Deniz Öge and Burak Öge (apologies for the error)

Deniz Öge, Operations Coordinator for the International Mediterranean Academy

and committee member for Race for Life ran the 10k.

Fethiye’s was also represented by resident runners from all age groups.

Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson from Üzümlü came 1st in the marathon for his age group,

while Steve Williams of Calis came 3rd in the half marathon for his age group.

Steve Williams
Steve Williams

Renate Köker from Fethiye, who came 2nd in her age group for the half marathon

and Patricia Meldrum from Çalış was the 3rd female in her age group for the half marathon.

Left to right: Patricia meldrum, Steve Williams, Renate Köker
Left to right: Patricia meldrum, Steve Williams, Renate Köker

Fethiye’s ‘ambassador for disability’

Yavuz Şap
Yavuz Şap

Bursa born Yavuz Şap, who lives in Fethiye and has previously described himself as Turkey’s

ambassador for disability, sport and peace, has participated in marathons all over the world,

also took part in the 10k.

Flying in from Scotland

The Scottish contingent
The Scottish contingent!

Showing an extraordinary level of personal commitment, Dorothy Lucas, from Scotland,

Tom Wilson & Irene Wilson, also from Scotland, Graham Hedges, from England all flew

from the UK to participate, before flying back again!

Three cheers for Fethiye’s runners!

Fethiye should be proud of their runners as in the half marathon there were a total of

3500 runners from all over Turkey, the UK, Germany and even the USA.

For more information about Runtolia click here.

Next on the list: Race for Life – Turkey

Starting small but with big ideas

Deniz and Christine at Converse in Fethiye's Erasta Shopping mall
Deniz and Christine at Converse in Fethiye’s Erasta Shopping mall

Wheelchair it, Run it, Jog it, Walk it – but Beat It !

Cancer, We’re Coming to Get You

The first ever Race for Life, Turkey, will be held in Fethiye on

12th April 2015 and is a 5 km event along the beautiful Fethiye Kordon.

It’s a totally flat course with stunning scenery.

Participants can run, walk, or use a wheelchair for the 5km route,

have fun and raise money for cancer treatment, awareness and research in Turkey.

If you would like to participate in Race for Life – Fethiye,

please click here for further information.

A message from the Organizers:

The team can’t thank you all enough for the great support you have shown in this project.

Our children’s fun event will take place on Saturday April 11th at 2pm with the main

Race for Life event on Sunday April 12th at 10:00am.

All proceeds will go toward Cancer Research,

Treatment and Awareness here in Turkey.

We are in the Converse Sports Store in the Erasta Shopping Mall again next Friday,

Saturday and Sunday between 2pm and 5pm.