Every now and again Mother Nature reveals her sublime majesty to us mere mortals.

On this occasion there is to be a partial solar eclipse on Friday March 20th at 11.51 EET.

If the weather is clear it will be possible to see the sun covered by the moon at about 40%.

Eclipses in southwest Turkey

Future eclipses for Turkey

There is an excellent website showing details of eclipses in this part of Turkey for many years to come.

It specifies the visibility in Marmaris but Fethiye is only a short distance away, 104km, as the crow flies.

Solar and lunar eclipses in Fethiye and southwest Turkey
Solar and lunar eclipses in Fethiye and southwest Turkey

Total eclipses in Turkey

If you were in Turkey on 11th August 1999 or further south on 29th March 2006, at say Aspendos,

you would have seen this amazing sight.

While it won’t be on the same scale this time it will still be an interesting spectacle.

What causes eclipses?

In case you are wondering, here are a couple of videos showing what causes solar and lunar eclipses.

If you want to watch a solar eclipse make sure you take the necessary precautions.

Looking at the sun without proper protection is very dangerous for the eyes and can result in permanent damage.