As we reported in our news round up on Monday, Fethiye’s mayor, Behçet Saatcı, has announced a campaign

to have the status of Fethiye raised from that of a town to a city.

Biggest town between Muğla and Antalya

With an ever-increasing population (140,509 in 2014), Fethiye is by far the largest town in Muğla,

and Fethiye’s 40-year-old aspiration to become a city, and all that the title entails, has once again

been revived by the Fethiye Municipality particularly since neighbouring Seydikemer,

with its much smaller population of 59,660, was made a town last year.

Mayor has support of 38 local NGOs

Fethiye- Fethiye’nin il olması için imza kampanyas? baslat?ld? 8 (Behçet Saatcı)
Fethiye mayor, Behçet Saatcı*

Representatives from 38 local non-governmental organisations attended a meeting with

the Mayor Saatçı and showed their backing for him by wearing tee-shirts

and hats emblazoned with the slogan, ‘Fethiye il olsun’ – ‘Let Fethiye become a city’.

Fethiye- Fethiye?nin il olmas? ici  n imza kampanyası başlatıldı10
(above and below) NGOs show their support by sporting teeshirts and baseball caps*

Fethiye- Fethiye?nin il olmas? ic  in imza kampanyası başlatıldı2

An ideal location

Speakers at the meeting pointed out that Fethiye is an ideal location for a city,

being 126 kilometres from Muğla and 200 kilometres from Antalya.

Muğla - Fethiye - Antalya
Muğla – Fethiye – Antalya

Online petition started

During the meeting, which was also attended by the President of Fethiyespor Football Club,

Ismail Öztürk, a signature petition was initiated.

8th March deadline

The campaign will continue until 8th March, by which time the municipality hopes to have collected

100,000 signatures.

Collecting signatures
Collecting signatures for the ‘Let Fethiye become a city’ campaign*

and a website petition has been started.

All the NGOs have invited their members to support the campaign.

Non Turkish residents have been told that they may also sign the petition.

Fethiye expansion plan

Kaş will become part of the Fethiye metropolis

The same campaign is being set in motion at Ortaca and Dalaman in Muğla, and Kaş, Antalya.

All these towns are planned to be part of Fethiye when it becomes a city.

Petition will be sent to Ankara

The petition will eventually be forwarded to President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, and the Minister for Interior Affairs, Efkan Ala.

*Photos courtesy of Fethiye Municipality


  1. hi, I’m pretty certain it’s 100,000 signatures needed. When we met the officials we didn’t like the idea of Fethiye becoming a city, I had seen first hand how Brighton changed for the worst.
    When they explained the benefits of not being controlled by Mugla, for example the fourfold impending increase in water charges, the group I was with all signed.
    People won’t sign if they don’t think it will affect them favourably.
    I think this report doesn’t really explain the benefits enough to make people sign.

    • The campaign to make Fethiye a city is based on complex economic and political issues. You can learn more by reading the news story published on 21st February.