Following local elections a little under a year ago, the region covered by Fethiye Municipality

was substantially increased.

It now encompasses towns and villages from Göcek, to Üzümlü and Esen.

This has impacted on every aspect of the town’s administration but the municipality’s

budget for helping stray cats and dogs remains unchanged.

Animal Aid to the rescue!
Animal Aid to the rescue!

Fortunately the animals are also supported by Fethiye’s main animal charity, Animal Aid.

Animal Aid to the rescue

The municipality run Animal Rescue Centre in Çatalarık is now responsible for strays from

over a very large area and this means that Animal Aid now has a daunting task.

It needs to raise even larger sums of money to cover the shortfall and with the increasing costs of neutering,

feeding and caring for the street animals they certainly have their work cut out. 

In addition to this, the charity also needs more ‘hands-on’ volunteers.

Animal Aid volunteers at the 'Kedi Evi'
Animal Aid volunteers at the ‘Kedi Evi’

Pauline has a plan

Animal Aid began in 2008 when Pauline and Andy Trent came to live in Turkey.

Pauline loves animals, always had many pets and worked with rescue ponies in the UK.

They knew that they would want to help the local street animals and just four

months after they arrived they set about doing just that.

Animal Aid volunteers
Animal Aid volunteers

Pauline posted a request on a local forum asking if there were any

like-minded animal lovers that would like to meet up with her with a view to

setting up something to aid the street animals here.

To begin with only one person replied but slowly Animal Aid came to life,

working under the auspices of FETAV.

Animal Aid gets going

There was a lot to learn.

The group explored ways of raising much needed cash to get the charity off the ground.

Mr G, strutting his stuff
Mr G, strutting his stuff

They started by selling a small amount of their own bric-a-brac and unwanted items

at the local car boot sale: two people and one stall and a little later four people and one

stall when their partners joined them.

Animal Aid Team
Animal Aid Team

Onward and upward

Since then Animal Aid has expanded and developed into a successful organisation

with over 50 volunteers, foster carers and supporters.

Relaxing in the afternoon sun
Relaxing in the afternoon sun

The group actively helps a neuter and return programme as well as providing a

rescue service with veterinary care, after care and fostering, wherever necessary.

‘Kedi Evi’

Recently Animal Aid opened a ‘Kedi Evi’ (Kitty House) at the rescue centre,

providing warm, comfortable, safe accommodation for Fethiye’s stray felines.

What's that?
What’s that?

Food and medication are provided from the funds raised.

Animal Aid also pays for operations on animals that have been injured on the busy roads.

The work is never ending.

A last chance

By the time many of the cats reach the Kedi Evi they have already used up most of their nine lives.

Nelson - he only has one eye.
Nelson – he only has one eye.

However, it is only with constant and generous funding from animal lovers that

Animal Aid can continue to rescue and re-home the many, many animals to which

they give a chance.

Without such bighearted support these animals would be facing a very different fate.

Visit, help and sponsor

The reality is harsh.

Without money and volunteers they cannot function: donations and dedicated

volunteers and vital for their work.

  • Some people run table-top sales, car boots and other functions.
  • Then there are the ‘hands on’ team that answer the phone and work in the field. 
  • Some people donate on a regular basis, while others are foster carers, who do a fabulous
    job of taking on animals that are recovering from surgery, awaiting a forever home or
    an overnight stay for a neutered street animal.
  • Others are sponsoring individual cats.
We want to stay together!
We want to stay together!
  • There is a constant need for food too.
  • Donations of dried cat and dog food are always needed.

There are many other ways to help

Animal Aid volunteers keep a wood stove (soba) going during the cold winter days - and nights.
Animal Aid volunteers keep a wood stove (soba) going during the cold winter days – and nights.

Animal Aid needs wood to keep the soba lit, newspaper and thick cardboard

for the cages, bedding materials such as thin fleece, blankets and towels.

They also need people to sew bedding cushions too.

Power napping on a comfy cushion
Power napping on a comfy cushion

Any cat toys, scratching posts, food bowls will be most welcome.

Fethiye’s cats and kittens need you!

If you live in the Fethiye area and would like to volunteer at the Kitty House,

please see the contact details below.

There are two shifts per day, morning and afternoon and the duties include cleaning the cages,

cleaning and moping the floors, feeding the cats and kittens and monitoring them

and well as dispensing lots of cuddles.

Wherever you live…

If you would like to home a cat or kitten, please visit the Kitten House at the shelter.

The volunteers know the cats and kittens and can help find the perfect cat for you.

I'm thinking about a loving home...
I’m thinking about a loving home…

However you can help…

Donations can be made at the Animal Aid shop in Gunlukbasi, Selim Gunday Caddesi

(please mark it for the Kitty House) or by contacting Facebook:

Animal Aid Fethiye, e mail:

or Paypal                                 

It's hard work being a guard dog, especially for a Kedi Evi
It’s hard work being a guard dog, especially for a Kedi Evi