My daughter’s only fault was to take the bus home.”


Songül Aslan

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A symbol being used by people on social media as a sign of respect for the victim and the continued struggle against high levels of violence against women

Violence against women affects all of us, whoever we are and wherever we live. 

Last week on Wednesday 11th February, Özgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old psychology student from Tarsus in the southern

province of Mersin took a minibus to her home.

She never arrived.

Reported missing by her family, two days later, on Friday 13th February, her burned remains were found in a riverbed.

The Turkish media reported that Özgecan Aslan, an undergraduate student at Çağ University, had been reported missing

by her family when they were unable to contact her.

During the search for her, Jandarma stopped a minibus, inside which they discovering bloodstains and a hat.

Özgecan’s father recognised the hat as his daughter’s and the friend with whom she had travelled,

identified the clothes she had been wearing.

This was the only way that they knew the remains were those of Özgecan.

Three men were apprehended and have confessed to the crime.

The murder’s impact on Turkish society

With this terrible crime the country seems to have reached a tipping point.

Turkish media reported that lawyers said they would not defend the three men.

There is an online petition calling for segregated buses, to protect women.

The Turkish president made a speech condemning violence against women.

There have been protests in many Turkish provinces and

more are said to be planned.

Many people are wearing black to raise awareness of the worryingly high levels of violence against women.

There is also a social media campaign: #Özgecaniçinsiyahgiy (Wear Black For Özgecan)

Ozgecan Aslan (HDN)

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