Back in 2000 the United Nations made December 18th ‘International Migrants Day’.

As part of his message for International Migrants Day, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, said:

On International Migrants Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to shape diverse
and open societies that provide opportunities and lives of dignity for all migrants

International Migrants Day 2014

This year immigrants from many Turkish towns and provinces met in Ankara to celebrate the event.

It really is an important occasion for Turkey as well as those who have made the country their adopted home.

International Migrants Day 2014

Representing Fethiye’s charities

A few weeks ago, George Rimmer, Fethiye resident and organizer of Race for Life – Turkey,
had a phone call from Mustafa Şıkman, the town’s Honorary British Consul.

He was about to get an unexpected surprise.

Mustafa Şıkman told me that the Town Governor Ekrim Çelik, wanted to invite expat
representatives who are involved in the local community.

As a result, I joined Mavis Simpson from Children’s Healthcare Charity, Embrace,
Graham Whittaker from the 3Cs Çalış Children’s Charity for the two day trip
to Ankara.”

International Migrants Day 2014 and Race for Lİfe - Turkey

Spreading the word for Race for Life – Turkey

George knew that, in order to make the April event a success, the concept had to have a broader reach:

For Race for Life this has been an ideal first step for one of our biggest objectives:
if Race for Life – Turkey is ever going to take off like it has in the UK, we have to persuade
other towns and cities to become involved; signing in to our long term concept by
running their own event.

All the money raised will support the cause for Cancer Research, Cancer Treatment
and Cancer Awareness in Turkey.”

Migrants from all over Turkey

The event brought together global migrants from all over Turkey.

On arrival at the exhibition centre we found a range of display stands, many of which
were run by foreigners, just like ourselves.

Each displayed contributions made by migrants to their particular region and community;
and Kas, Didim, Bodrum, Kalkan and Marmaris were among the regions represented.

This was clearly the perfect opportunity for us.

Not only could we speak with others about the possibility of hosting Race for Life – Turkey
in their area but also to present the idea to the Turkish ministries that attended.”

Race for Life - Turkey: International Migrants Day 2014

A big thank you:

One behalf of Embrace, 3Cs and Race for Life – Turkey, we would all like to
take this opportunity to thank both FETAV and particularly our Kaymakam,
Ekrem Çalik, and Fethiye Tourism Manager, Güler Uymaz, who accompanied us.”

Latest on Race for Life – Turkey

There are only 13 weeks remaining until the event weekend over 11th and 12th April, 2015,
and the organizers’ attention is turning towards the huge outstanding workload they have to complete.

As George Rimmer mentioned in the last update, the concept of ‘personal sponsorship’
is a new concept for  Turkey and there isn’t any equivalent of ‘Just Giving’ in order to help them
collect sponsorship money, so they have to be a bit creative.

Race for life - turkey

They are staging a children’s race on Saturday 11th and are lining up a series of in
school presentations to inform the children and get them involved.

They have to communicate how personal sponsorship works and hope the children
will do what children do best: persuade their parents to get involved.

George Rimmer says:

We are very grateful to everyone who has already signed up.

We already have around 200 signed up and even though we have a
number of Turkish Nationals involved, the long-term success of
Race for Life – Turkey will depend on us being able to attract Turkish
people in large numbers.

Of course we hope the various cancer projects we can support will
eventually be a great boost towards building the event on a national basis.”

Join in the Race for Life – Turkey

If you would like to join in, just contact the organizers on the email address below,
or look out for one of the many pre-race registration events that will be
held over the next few months.

It would of course be great if you can get some of your friends and family as
sponsors but please don’t let it put you off if you feel that you can’t.

The 10TL entrance fee, or 20TL if you purchase one of Race for Life – Turkey’s
special race shirts, will go a long way to helping the cause.

Race for Life - Turkey

There is an entry form on the website, which can be dropped into FETAV,
and an organise online registration process is underway, which will make it
much easier for everyone.

All monies raised from Race for Life Turkey will go towards Cancer Research,
Cancer Treatment and Cancer Awareness in Turkey.

Cancer, We’re Coming to Get You!

Please visit us at: