A group of rogue stallholders is accused of threatening 3Cs volunteers, refusing to pay the £5 pitch fee and selling new products despite the rules that only second hand items can be sold.

The organisers of the car boot sales, that have been taking place over the last eight years, have now decided enough is enough and are cancelling the next sale until the situation can be resolved.

3Cs Car boot sale

Several reasons for cancellation

Chairman of the 3Cs, Peter Clarke, said,

There are several reasons for this decision.

First, committee members who organise and marshal the sales have recently been subject to increased verbal abuse from a small but increasing minority of stallholders.
They are not only disregarding requests as to where to set up at the sale but are also refusing to keep within the allocated pitch areas, often taking up two or three stall spaces.

Secondly, a small minority of these stallholders are repeatedly refusing to pay the stall fee of 20 TL.
They are saying they have not taken enough money to pay for the stall (even though they have been seen to be trading).

Thirdly, there are an increasing number of stallholders, who have businesses elsewhere that have closed for the winter,
who turn up selling new goods. This is strictly against the conditions of the car boot sale.

This disruptive minority have realised that the organisers do not have any formal authority to eject them.
As a result they ignore requests to leave the sale.

The 3C’s have been asked by the bona fide majority of fee-paying stallholders to do something about these individuals
for flouting the conditions and spoiling the car boots for others.

As a consequence, they have decided to cancel the January sale whilst they have talks with the Director of Fethiye Zabita.

They will also try to establish a method of pre-registration and advance payment for stalls for future boot sales.

This will make it similar to Fethiye Belediye’s monthly second-hand markets.

The 3Cs committee apologises for the inconvenience that this will cause to their regular, loyal and rule-abiding stallholders.”

Future sales at risk

He continued by saying,

Our charity has now been successfully running these car boot sales for eight years, with very few problems.
However, there have been a few issues over the last few sales.

I, as Chairman, will not tolerate our committee members, who are all hard-working volunteers,
being verbally abused and shown scant respect by these few troublesome individuals.

We have, therefore, decided to cancel the car boot sale for January.
Should the situation not be resolved in time for the next car boot sale on 22nd February and if we then decide not to hold any future car boot sales,
it will mean the tragic loss of 15 bursaries a year for students who would not otherwise be able to afford to go to university.

This is something that we would wish to avoid.
Surely, after eight years of our charity running these sales, people who attend the sales should have now realised that

ALL the money raised by the 3C’s goes to help disadvantaged Turkish students?
By behaving like this they are spoiling things for their own youngsters.”

It is hoped that the cancellation is just a temporary situation until the problem can be resolved.

The charity has permission from Fethiye Belediye to hold the sales, which were the first to be held in the Muğla area.

3Cs car boot sale

Jeopardising student bursaries

Since they started in 2007, money from the car boot sales has funded 100 bursaries for local students.

Check for announcements

Please read the local press and social media sites for announcements about the February sale.