Five popular harbour side restaurants in the holiday town of Kalkan, Turkey, have been destroyed following a devastating fire.

Kleo Bar in flames
Kleo Bar in flames

The intensity of the fire is thought to have caused gas bottles to explode, fuelling the flames even more.

Thankfully there are no reports of any casualties.

This report is direct from John Fedorowycz on behalf of KTLN

A tragedy for Kalkan

Today is a very sad day for Kalkan.

Local residents were woken by a series of explosions on Wednesday morning.

They appeared to be as a result of a fire that has destroyed a row of restaurants on the harbour in the picturesque town.

Dramatic photos of the inferno, taken shortly after 4.00am, show the row of restaurants from Kleo Bar by the beach, all the way to Yakamoz (Jimmy’s) being consumed by the flames.

The restaurants were totally destroyed, both inside and out.

Utter devastation

Now, all that remains is a row of charred buildings.

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Taken near Yakamoz, the scene of the fire still smoulders
Taken near Yakamoz

Our condolences go out to the business owners and staff.

Geçmiş olsun.

Photographs of the fires are published courtesy of Sandra Osborne.

The morning’s scene of devastation is courtesy of KTLN