Here is the winter timetable for the MUTTAŞ buses between Fethiye and Dalaman airport.


  1. There are no time tables listed when you click on the links supplied. Will be wanting to use the service on 23rd has something gone wrong with the link?

  2. Can anyone tell me the answer to this:
    I’ll be arriving on Turkish Airlines flight, via Istanbul, from Gatwick. Therefore, although I’ll land at the domestic, I will exit via the international terminal to go through customs. Will the Muttas bus come around to the international for international passengers who have arrived on a domestic flight, eg me, or do I need to go to domestic and will they wait??

    • The links are all there. First click on the story’s headline photo on the front page. You will see that there are the words ‘winter timetable’. It is colored red. This means it is a link. Click on that. It will take you to the page about MUTTAŞ. Click on the winter timetable story. It will take you to the timetable post. You will see the word ‘here’. Click on that and you will be taken direct to the MUTTAŞ timetables. Why have we done it like this? Because then, if the timetable changes in the coming weeks, our story is still up to date!

  3. Any info yet as to whether the bus will go to the international terminal to collect Turkish airlines passenges from UK, who have landed at the Domestic Terminal but had to exit via the international?