OK, first of all this isn’t a story about Fethiye. It is a place that takes about 4 hours to drive there, so it’s not really too far away, although it’s a whole different world.

A road less travelled

We should perhaps point out that if you are looking for somewhere to stay with loud music, discos, bars, entertainment and fish ‘n’ chips, this isn’t the place for you…

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a really, really quiet, peaceful, natural, beachside paradise with wooden bungalows metres from the sand but hidden amongst trees and fragrant flowers…

This place is lovely… but you’re not there yet!


and brimming over with history, and natural ‘fiery’ phenomena then read on.

These goats are traveling in the other direction…

‘Soft’ tourism at its best

This is a village where people are making a determined effort to build without concrete; using wood wherever possible, buying all their fruit and vegetables locally, not playing loud music, not lighting up the sky with neon and lasers, and not throwing litter…

Ah… Now you are here…

Tucked away somewhere in the mountainous peninsula between Finike and Antalya, this is an ideal place for Time Travelling Tourists.

But only those who want to travel back in time, to the days when holidays in Turkey were just that; somewhere authentic, relaxing and far away from the mass tourism trail.

Need some clues?

We’ve given you a few of clues already. Now for some more of the places that are passed en-route…

IMG_1425 FinikeIMG_1429IMG_1431


So with the help of these photos, taken on the way there and on the way back, can you guess where we went?

We will tell you next week. Perhaps… On the other hand we might decide to keep this wonderful secret to ourselves!