After several false alarms in recent weeks, Fethiye has finally had a good soaking.

Saturday's weather forecast
Saturday’s weather forecast

In the early morning rain…

Although the mountain areas above Fethiye have already had some downpours over the past few weeks, the first storm to hit the town came on Friday evening and again, nearer dawn.

Sunny periods
Saturday morning was cloudy but with sunny periods

Saturday morning started off dry with sunny periods but by the afternoon the rain returned; continuing off and on during the early part of the night.

I’m only Happy When it Rains

It was not cold during the day. Even so, the beaches were very empty.

In fact, at this time of year, the sea is at its warmest and great for a swim.

Empty beach
Empty beach

But by the evening it was time for many to dig out socks and slippers.

Socks and slipper weather - but not for long!
Socks and slipper weather – but not for long!

Not for long though. It looks as if they can be put away again tomorrow, as temperatures are forecast to be up around 28 degrees Celsius.

Singin’ in the rain!

After so many dry months, for many of Fethiye’s residents it was pure delight to wake up to the smell of damp earth and pine trees.

As a result, the weather quickly became a popular topic for discussion on Facebook and other social media.

I Can’t Stand the Rain!

People coming on holiday will no doubt be happy to learn that the weather looks set to cheer up on Sunday and Monday with strong winds blowing away the clouds on Tuesday

Temperatures expected to remain in the high 20s Celsius for the coming week, although the nights will be cooler.

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Take care when driving

Always remember to take account of the weather when driving, as roads can become very slippery.

As readers may notice, all this rain has made the Fethiye Times teams come up with a few of our favourite wet weather songs.

This is ours… what’s yours?