Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local Fethiye news.

Jazz on Babadag

It was jazz at 1,700 meters above sea level on Saturday evening.

The concert was held at sunset at the amazing location of the Babadag cafe that offers commanding views of Fethiye and beyond.

The audience had to wrap up warm as the altitude reduced temperatures.

The event ended the week long classical music concert series held in Fethiye.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

And music continued to feature in the headlines last week when the famous Turkish rock musician Ozlem Tekin was spotted visiting the Letoon hospital in Fethiye.

According to local reports the female artist was on holiday in the area and had sprained her ankle whilst walking in Butterfly Valley near Oludeniz.

She was not happy that the press were recording her every painful move as she left the hospital and friends and relatives tried to block the press from taking pictures.

However, in that very polite Turkish style she spoke with the press and asked them nicely to leave her alone.

They did, but not before they had their story and pictures.

Sea Bed Clean Up

Last week saw members of local environmental groups and helpers take part in an international coastal cleaning day.

Divers combed the sea bed along the promenade and collected a wide range of trash including glass and plastic bottles, old tyres, wire, tubing, a very large metal frame and more.

The helpers proudly displayed the muddy pile of waste they had collected on the promenade for the press to see.

Brit Rescued after Tumble


Kayakoy (pictured above) was in the news last week when a British tourist fell and injured himself whilst taking photos of the old ruined Greek village.

The man, Marc Northcote, is reported to have fallen into a 7 metre rocky trench and injured himself.

His wife raised the alarm and soon a medical team, fire service, Jandarma and a specialist rescue team were on the scene.

The teams successfully evacuated the 43 year old man carrying him some 600 metres via a stretcher to a waiting ambulance and then on to the Fethiye State Hospital for treatment.

His condition was reported to be stable and none of the injuries were life threatening.

Patara Fire Extinguished

A fire near the ancient ruins of Patara destroyed 6 hectares of scrub and reeds last week.

50 fire fighters successfully extinguished the fire.

Cut Off

A 45 year old house and barn in the Gokben area of Fethiye that was destroyed by fire last week after it was reported a faulty electrical switch sparked.

But residents of the area say the fire could have been extinguished earlier had the water supply been open.

Local reports said that the local water pumping station is only operated from time to time so when the property owner tried to fight the fire with a hose pipe he had no water.

The Fire service arrived to fight the fire but unfortunately the building was reduced to ashes.

Stray Dog Warning

The man in charge of the Mugla animal shelter told the press last week that he has seen an ‘amazing’ increase in the numbers of stray animals being admitted to shelters.

He said that ‘part-time’ pet owners were flooding the animal shelters with their unwanted pets so they can return to their city homes for the winter.

He said as it was easier for owners to send them to the shelter rather than take them with them.

But he also warned that many other pet dogs could end up on the streets abandoned by their careless owners this autumn and winter.

He said that could cause a stray dog problem in the towns of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye this winter.

Turkish Money

The British Pound ended the week on a high following the No vote in the Scottish referendum.

It bought 3.65 Turkish Lira at the end of the week.

The week before it bought 3.59 TL but had been as low as 3.50 TL that week when polls suggested Scotland might vote to leave the union.