The lyrics of the popular song “Happy Days are here again” never rang truer than last week when 20 excited youngsters from the Fethiye “Love Homes” boarded day boat “Happy Days” for their long anticipated annual boat trip.

What are Love Homes?

The children who live in the aptly named “Love Homes” omes@ are either orphans or have parents who are unable to take care of them. The five homes set up last year in the Fethiye/Ciftlik area by the Governor of Fethiye provide permanent foster homes, under the care of “house mums” for small groups of these youngsters, providing them with a loving, caring stable and safe home environment.

Happy Days for Fethiye 3C's
Happy Days for Fethiye 3C’s

3C’s committed to help

Last year on hearing of the new initiative, Çalış based Children’s Charity; the 3C’s committed to help the youngsters, and provided several thousand liras worth of goods to help equip the new homes with extras as well as providing clothes and personal items for the children. They also hired the same day boat “Happy Days” to take the children out on their first ever boat trip and it was such an enjoyable, unforgettable experience both for the children and the 3C’s members that the charity members vowed to make it an annual event for the children. Whenever they visited the children, they were always asked the same questions, “When can we go on another boat trip.”

An unforgettable trip

Last week, the long awaited day finally arrived and the children and their house mums along with five 3C’s members and representatives of FETAV boarded “Happy Days” for yet another unforgettable trip.

“It was an absolutely lovely day” said 3C’s member Sian Midgely,” all the children enjoyed themselves swimming and fishing and splashing each other in the water. There were a couple of new children this year as well as a little girl of about three, all who we had not met before. They were very shy, but after a quiet start they were soon joining in the fun too.”

Crew provided lunch

At lunchtime everyone tucked into a delicious fish meal provided by the Happy Day’s crew and after a couple more swim stops, at the end of a lovely day everyone returned to Fethiye tired but very happy.

“The youngsters were very polite and had lovely manners said 3C’s secretary Jan Freeman “Even though they were all tired, they all came to say thank you before getting off the boat”

Thanks to ‘anonymous donor’

The 3C’s would like to thank an anonymous donor from Calis Beach Internet forum who, after hearing about the success of last year’s boat trip, donated 750TL towards the cost of hiring the boat this year.