Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news.

Cruel Summer

The local press reported that checks were carried out last week in the Fethiye and Dalayan areas to identify persons working illegally in the tourist industry and companies without the proper authorisations.

They reported that 50 persons were identified as working illegally as guides and that the authorities would be dealing with those identified after filing their reports.

In July a similar exercise carried out in the Bodrum and Marmaris areas identified six foreign nationals and four others working illegally as tour guides and also tourism companies working without the proper licenses.

Only Turkish citizens who hold the relevant license are allowed to operate as tourist guides in Turkey and tour companies are subject to licensing.

The tragic jeep safari crash in June was allegedly operated by an unlicensed tourism company – Two Die in Jeep Safari Crash.

Migrants Arrested

On Wednesday the Turkish Coast Guard and Jandarma arrested 155 illegal migrants as they attempted to leave Turkish waters heading for the Greek Islands.

The migrants were reported to have travelled from war torn Syria, from Afganistan, Iran and, it was also reported, Burma.

Bust Up Delay

On Thursday it was reported that the Macedonian Prime Minister, who had been on holiday with his family at the Hillside hotel, was delayed as he travelled through Fethiye with his entourage.

The delay was caused by a dispute that had flared up between a driver and an on street parking attendant that blocked the main Ataturk road in the centre of town.

English Market

Kalkan hit the national TV screens last week when a news agency reported that the language of the local market was English.

The brief video then showed scenes of Turkish market traders doing a roaring business selling Turkish Delight, soaps, spices, towels and other products to eager English and Dutch holiday makers.

Hatch and Dash

And it was a good week for nature as the first baby turtles hatched and made a dash for the sea near Calis.

Well, we say made a dash, but some had a helping hand for the nest to sea trip by the students who have been protecting nests.

Turkish Money

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 3.60 TL to the British Pound. Last week it bought 3.63 TL.


  1. In Didim, the local news reported, there was also a mass operation on Friday night. Business were checked. Unlicensed fire arm was found, illegal workers etc etc. General thoughts, were if the police etc put more effort into finding burglars etc, the public would be more supportive.