A man selling Chinese Lanterns for 5TL a piece on the seafront at Calis, was caught on camera last night plying his dangerous trade despite their being a Fethiye-wide ban on them.

FT has no issue with street vendors as such but in this case he might as well as be selling animal traps and fire starters!

These pretty candle-lit paper balloons that float through the warm night air have become very popular with locals and tourists as a way of
celebrating birthdays and other occasions but in actual fact they are very dangerous.

Chinese lanterns are blown by the wind and this could take them over forests, gardens and orchards, all of which are tinder dry and ready to catch fire in these hot summer months.

What’s more, even if these lanterns land safely, their structure is made from wire and this can easily become entangled with an animal or bird, resulting in agonizing injury or even death.

Although these dangerous and irresponsible items are actually illegal in Fethiye, by order of the town’s Governor, some people obviously wants to take advantage of Fethiye’s lax attitude to the enforcement of the ban.

Even if you are not able to put an end to the sale of these Wish Lanterns please do remember not to buy these potential deathtraps and pass on the word to your friends and family.

The sight and sound of fireworks in the Fethiye’s night sky is also a worry for residents. The use of these were also banned during the summer months but some local businesses and individuals selfishly continue to use them.

Reports have already been made by conscientious residents and they will continue to do so until Fethiye is free of these cheap, but potentially life threatening, thrills.


  1. Why don’t the authorities act instead of turning a blind eye? Enough people have complained. Perhaps this newspaper could help bring pressure on the people who can stop this illegal trade.

  2. May İ suggest that every time you see a Chinese Lantern in the sky or see this moron selling them that you phone the Zabita.