Our weekly roundup of the local news for the Fethiye area.

Sweet Arm of the Law

The traffic police featured in the local press at the start of the Seker Bayram holiday on Monday.

They were pictured handing out sweets and chocolates to holiday motorists that were flocking to the resorts including Fethiye, Calis and Oludeniz in their thousands.

The police used the opportunity to wish the motorists a happy holiday and encourage them to drive safely.

Busy Bank Holiday

The end of the Ramazan public holiday saw thousands of holiday makers visiting Fethiye resorts.

At one stage there were so many cars in Fethiye town centre that the police had to close roads to prevent grid-lock.

The holiday ended on Wednesday and saw the public transport and roads busy again as holiday makers headed back home.

You can read more about the busy holiday in our article Fethiye tourism’s helter-skelter season.

New Clink

A new prison that is being constructed in the Seydikemer municipality outside Fethiye is due to open in 6 months according to local reports.

The prison is expected to bring jobs and other economic benefits to the area.

Wild Fire Destroys Olive Trees

A wild fire destroyed a 15 hectare area of olive trees and nearby forest scrub in the village of Oren last Tuesday.

The fire was quickly extinguished by forestry fire fighters with the help of a fire helicopter.

The blaze is thought to have started by a discarded bottle that acted as a magnifying glass on dried grass.

Garden Fatality

A man from Cadianda/Oren near Uzumlu was found dead in his garden last week.

The father of two was watering his garden using the electric pump from his artesian well.

The local press speculated that the man was electrocuted as a result of a faulty pump.

An investigation is taking place to determine the exact cause of death.

Beggars Belief

The police arrested 14 people including children following complaints about the behaviour of ‘beggars’ on Fethiye promenade.

According to local reports the familiar faces that walk the promenade each night offering, amongst other things, fortune telling services, were detained by the police and questioned.

They were later released without charge.

Turkish Money

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 3.59 to the British Pound. The previous week it bought 3.55 Turkish Lira.