Our weekly round up of the local news for the Fethiye area.

Saklikent Gorge Tragedy

The news at the start of the week was dominated by the tragedy at one of the areas most popular attractions, Saklikent Gorge.

A thunderstorm in the mountains nearby caused a flash flood in the gorge that caught tourists that were visiting the popular attraction by surprise. The rising waters forced them to climb the slippery rocks to escape.

Unfortunately two people died in the incident.

The second fatality was not discovered until the following day when a body was recovered from the river.

The Mayor of Seydikemer visited the gorge to help coordinate the rescue operations.

He told the local press that a similar incident had happened 15 years ago and that this was an act of God.

The weather forecast had warned of rain that afternoon.

Famous Visitors

The local press reported that Rupert Murdoch and his son and family were cruising the area last week on the super yacht ‘Vertigo’.

The yacht, pictured above, called into Fethiye last month when we managed to take a snap of it.

Search But No Rescue

Visitors to the popular Calis Beach near Fethiye were reported to have raised the alarm last Monday when they saw something floating off the shore that they thought was a drowning child.

The sighting was reported to the authorities and that triggered an air, sea and seashore search by the Turkish coastguard, divers and police. An ambulance team also stood by.
The Police evacuated a section of the beach to complete a search.

Three divers from Maramaris were rushed to the scene to complete an underwater search in the low visibility waters.

However, after 48 hours of searching no trace of a body could be found.

The local press concluded that the eye witnesses probably saw one of the numerous large Loggerhead Turtles that are present in Fethiye Bay that bob up to the surface now and again to take in air for that of a child.

Dead Turtle

On Saturday a large dead Loggerhead turtle washed up on the beach near the Surf Cafe in Koca Calis. The discovery was made by students who have been patrolling the beach monitoring over 60 turtle nests.

The turtle was later removed by the municipality cleansing team.

Voting Begins

Voting in the Turkish Presidential Elections began last week.

Ballot boxes were placed a Turkish ports of entry such as Fethiye harbour and Dalaman Airport last week for expat Turkish citizens to place their vote for the new Turkish President.

Summer Crackdown

Elsewhere in the region.  Illegal tourist guides and tourism companies were the focus of an audit by members of the Mugla Council officers and chambers of commerce in Marmaris and Bodrum last week.

The audit identified six foreign nationals and four others working as illegal guides and also tourism companies without the proper authorisations.

It was reported that the details of the illegal guides and tour companies will now be referred to the relevant authorities.

They also inspected shops for counterfeit goods.

Property Sales to Foreigners Up

Turkish property sales figures were released last week.

They stated that in June 1,703 properties were sold to foreigners, a 117% increase on the same time in 2013 when 783 properties had been sold.

Of those sales 104 were in the Mugla region and 586 in the Antalya region.

For the first six months of 2014 a total of 8,507 houses have been sold to foreigners, and increase of 62% in comparison with the first six months of 2013.

Of those 480 sales took place in the Mugla region and 3,124 in the Antalya region.

Turkish Money

The Turkish Lira stregthened against many of the worlds currencies last week as investors fled from the Russian currency fearing the effects of the Ukrainian situation to the high yielding Lira.

The British Pound bought 3.55 Turkish Lira by the close of business of Friday. The previous week it bought 3.62.