LATEST – Local media has reported that tourists visiting Saklikent Gorge late this afternoon became stranded after a storm pelted the area with torrential rain causing a flash flood in which one person died and 8 were injured.

Local media states that 46 people became stranded in the gorge, a popular tourist destination, when torrential rain fell at around 18:00 local time and the trickle of water that normally flows at this dry time of the year in the canyon turned into a raging torrent.

Nine people, including foreign tourists, were injured. One of the injured, a 35 year old male, subsequently died in hospital from his injuries.

The emergency services have stated that all the people stranded have now been rescued from the canyon and the injured were taken to hospitals in Fethiye.

Where is the Gorge?

Saklikent Gorge is a popular tourist day trip from Fethiye and Kalkan and is a port of call for the popular Jeep Safari’s. You can find out more about the gorge in our article Saklikent Gorge – Chill Out Day Out

Library Image – Tourists walk through the initial river in late summer. Once past this point the walk up the canyon floor is gentle and fun…normally.

UPDATE – 22 July 2014

It has now been confirmed that two people died as a result of the flash floods. The body of a second person was found on Monday morning.


  1. That is awful. How scary. Hope everyone injured recovers quickly so they can get back to enjoying their holiday.

  2. It is such a beautiful place. Enjoyed a lovely day there with our family 2 years ago. No one can forsee the unbelievable weather patterns which happen at such notice around the world.heartfelt condolences to the family concerned

  3. My sister from New Zealand was caught in that flash flood today and nearly drowned after being in caught in a couple of whirl pools and hitting her head on rocks, she is lucky to be alive thank God.

    • Anonymous from New Zealand – was you sister Irene? We are trying to find her to see if she is ok. My friend Sue from London stayed with her and helped her back to the tree house and into an ambulance. We would love to hear from her. Facebook sue elvin

  4. Having lived in Turkey for over seven years I have been at Saklikent on a very regular basis.taking both friends and neighbour s there.seen it when calm and fast and I am very sad to hear about the great loss at the Gorge.and also the others that got hurt my wishes go to all.joe

  5. Oh how terrible! My husband and I were there just 3 weeks ago and had a great time, although the cold and force of the water meant we had to link arms with others and take it in two stages the first time we crossed (it was easier on the return as we knew what to expect/do). What a tragic accident. My condolences to the family of the poor man who lost his life.

  6. A real tragedy , condolences to the relatives and friends left behind.

    I think the appropriate authorities should now learn a lesson and close the gorge when there is a danger of flash floods. On Sunday the forecast was for thunder lightning and rain. you could see the black clouds over the mountains and hear the thunder from Fethiye. Obviously heavy rain up there. Warning signs of danger should been acted on.

  7. […] On Sunday 20th July 2014 a flash flood occurred after a heavy rain storm fell on the mountains above the gorge. The water levels inside the gorge quickly rose. Two visitors died and others were injured. You can read the full story here Torrential Rain Leaves One Dead and Tourists Stranded in Popular Gorge Attraction […]

  8. To the sister of the girl from New Zealand: I was in Saklikent during the flashflood and I waited with your sister on the same rock during two hours. I was the last person to arrive in the group where your sister was and was with a sixteen old boy with blond hair. I would like very much to have news from your sister. I hope she’s well. Thank you very much.

    Mireille from Belgium.