Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes drink-fly checks negative, suspected thieves arrested, coastguard seizes booze, shops prepare for Ramazan and more.

Drink/Fly Checks Carried Out

Babadag tandem paragliding pilots were subject to surprise breathalyzer tests last week by the local authorities.

The tests are all part of a new control and safety programme that has been introduced to reduce the number of paragliding accidents from the popular 1.900 metre Babadag to Oludeniz.

The local press reported that none of the pilots tested were positive.

Watch Out, Watch Out

Fethiye Police arrested three men who had allegedly burgled properties in the Patlangic and Ovacik areas of Fethiye last week.

The local press reported that the Police were called out to search for the burglars after they received a call via the 155 emergency number just after 5am from a victim who had been awoken by someone in their property.

The Police, acting on the witnesses description, stopped an Adana registered Mercedes Vito minibus soon after the call.

However, the three occupants of the vehicle ran off. They were subsequently apprehended one by one and taken to the police station near the antique theatre in Fethiye.

The Police recovered laptops, smart phones, driving documents, ID cards, cash and other items that were identified and later returned to the victims.

It was also reported that the three admitted to other thefts too in Ovacik. The case has been referred to the courts.

Sinking Feeling

The local press reported that a boat carrying building materials to Red Island sank.

The small boat was pictured still tied to the quay side on Red Island but under water.

Shops Prepare for Ramazan

The holy month of Ramadan starts at the end of next week and shops are stocking up with popular gift packs.

The packs are traditionally given as a gift from employers to their staff during the month of daylight fasting.

Council Enforces Midnight Noise Curfew

Fethiye Council Environmental Protection and Control Department carried out noise enforcement patrols last week in Fethiye, Oludeniz and Gocek.

They were checking that bars, discos and outdoor weddings and events were all conforming to noise legislation that they cease electronic music by 23:59 or, for indoor discos for example, to meet the terms of their licence and limit noise to within strict limits.

Coast Guard Seizes Alcohol

The coast guard stopped and searched a luxury yacht last week and found 323 bottles of alcohol hidden in the bilges of the yacht.

The yacht captain was detained and the alcohol confiscated pending further investigation.

Coast Guard to the Rescue

It was reported that the coast guard were called to help a German lady who fell ill whilst sailing in the bay.

The 64 year old lady was taken to Fethiye harbour in their fast boat and was then treated at Fethiye State Hospital and later released.

Turkish Lira Exchange

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 3.65 TL to the British Pound.

More on great the value in our article Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Great for Holiday Makers this Year

And Finally

Fethiye tomato growers are calling for a tomato paste factory to be built in the area following a crash in the price of the crop.

A box of tomatoes is only fetching 1.5 TL at the moment and growers are complaining that they are losing money as a result.

Farmers say they would receive more money if the tomatoes were sent to a local paste factory.