Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes Environment Week celebrated, bike thieves stole for holiday money, school holidays begin, paraglider left dangling and more.

Fethiye Celebrated Environment Week

A number of events were held in Fethiye Town last week to celebrate Environment Week.

On Monday hundreds of cyclists gathered to ride around town and promote the message that bike travel is not only good for you but also good for the environment.

Bikes were given to children who had done well at school over the last year too, in the town square.

Diving for Environment Week

On Tuesday divers donned their wetsuits and completed work to clear the sea bed in the bay of rubbish.

According to reports they found a wide range of trash including a mannequin’s hand, cable, hose, umbrella and a stone plaque.

Flying Fun

And on Thursday a colourful kite flying event was held on Koca Calis Beach.

Schools Out For Summer

Schools across Turkey broke up for the summer on Friday.

Students will return some three months later in September.

New Free Gocek Tunnels Reach Milestone

The work to create an additional Gocek Tunnel reached a milestone last week when the first of the two new dual carriageway tubes was completed.

The  project, that started 10 months ago, will create two separate 868 metres long two lane road tunnels.

Reports say that the final tube will be completed in 2015 and then three tunnels will be useable.

No toll will be charged for the second tunnel.

The charge for the existing tunnel is 3.50 TL (1 GBP) each way for most vehicles.

British Paragliding Tourist Had Lucky Escape

A British tourist had a lucky escape when the tandem paraglider they took off in crashed on take off.

The local press reported that Karen McDondough was left dangling from rocks some 25 meters above the road by just the parachute cord after the take off went wrong.

Rescuers had to use ropes to rescue the pilot and passenger and bring them safely to the road.

Both the pilot, Mustafa Gülen, and passenger were taken to hospital for treatment although they were later released.

Peak Tourist Season Arrives – Prices Up

With the school holidays starting so the price of hotel rooms hit the headlines with the local press reporting the prices of peak season accommodation.

In Fethiye they reported that the average price of a B&B room would increase from 25 TL to 35 TL per night, a 3 star hotel from 30 TL to 45 TL and the all-inclusive resorts from 2,450 TL to 3,600 per week.

Bike Thieves Apprehended

Four men who stole bikes and then stripped them down to sell the parts were arrested by Fethiye police at the weekend.

The four men, all from Georgia, were reported to be stealing the bikes for holiday money.

When police searched their rented home they found many bikes and parts.

The Police returned the stolen bikes and the men attended court.

And Finally

Fethiye’s newest attraction, the 20,000m2 Erasta shopping centre, was officially opened on Friday 13th June to a large crowd of excited and curious shoppers.

You can read the full article here Doors open to new world for Fethiye: Erasta Shopping and Lifestyle Centre


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