Fethiye Times’ weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes Calis Beach in the headlines three times, helmet dodging scooter riders fined, water charges debated, bread prices up and more.

Bread Prices Increase

The price of a standard loaf increased by 20% last week. The staple 250 gram loaf is now 95 kurus.

Police Step Up Roadside Checks

The local press reported that the Trafik Polis stepped up traffic checks last week.

It was reported that they targeted motorcyclists not wearing helmets and imposed on the spot fines.

They also checked each bike for modified and noisy exhausts.

Clean Sweep #3

Calis Beach received another beach clean last week when 23 prisoners carried a beach comb as part of their community service.

Volleyball Contest

The beach clean no doubt benefitted another event that took place on Calis Beach last week, the Turkish Volley Federation Nestea Pro Beach Tour 2014.

The event began on Friday with 24 teams, 8 female and 16 male, competing for the 15,000 TL prize fund.

Sun Beds Galore

Calis featured again in the news when it was reported that 500 sun beds and umbrellas were now available along 2km of Calis Beach.

Water Charges Debated

A debate over water charges took place at the meeting of the Fethiye Council last week.

The water and sewerage services transferred to from Fethiye’s FESKI to Mugla Buyuksehir under the recent local government reorganisation.

Concerns have been raised that there could be a uniform charge of as much as 5 TL per cubic meter for water and sewerage the whole of Mugla.

The Mayor of Fethiye was quoted in the press as saying that Fethiye should pay no more than 1.00 TL to 1.50 TL per cubic meter of water and not subsidise the rest of the county, such as Bodrum where water has to be pumped considerable distances, because our infrastructure is cheaper to run.

Councilors are waiting to see the outcome of a vote on 10th June in Mugla as to the final charges.

Residents will then find bills landing on their marble steps after that.

Forest Fire Threats Highlighted

The annual meeting of the forest fire prevention committee met last week in Fethiye.

They discussed the measures that were being implemented to reduce the risk of forest fires including controls by the electricity company AYDEM.

The area governor reminded the meeting that the summer ban on the release of sky lanterns, use of fireworks and lighting of fires in forest areas was now in force.

They also agreed that it was important that the bans were communicated to the public and actions will be taken to publicise them.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.49 Turkish Lira. The week before it was 3.51 Turkish Lira.

And Finally

A lorry carrying bags of cement shed part of its load on the Fethiye – Antalya road near Fethiye on Saturday morning.

The road had to be closed for a while and then reduced to single file traffic until all the bags could be cleared.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are documented cases of sky lanterns causing forest fires here or is just a perception thing?

    • Hi Kim. I’m not sure if there are any documented cases of any starting fires but people have definitely reported them landing when still lit…not worth the risk to the beautiful forests in my opinion…

      • Thanks Anon

        I saw people setting these off on the Fethiye harbour side last year and worried that they may cause a fire. It’s good to know they are now banned.