A open-air festival celebrating Turkey – Turkish Day in London – will be held this year on Sunday, 1st June 2014 in Trafalgar Square between 12pm and 8.30pm.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism is one of the free event sponsors, and the famous Square will play host to celebrations and a day packed with activities for all ages.

The Turkish Day in London will showcase the rich mix of the traditional and modern features of Turkish culture, with performances by an Ottoman ‘mehter’ (marching) band, a folk dance troupe and belly dancers, as well as by contemporary musicians such as Turkey’s 2012 Eurovision representative Can Bonomo and music groups She’koyoh and Sudden Exit.

Traditional Turkish food and sweets such as kebabs, baklava and Turkish ice cream will also be available to sample and purchase.

For more information and the event programme, please visit www.turkishdayinlondon.com

Trafalgar Square To Host The First Ever Turkish Day
Trafalgar Square To Host The First Ever Turkish Day

Turkish Day in London published on FethiyeTimes.com