Fethiye Times weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes craft fair filled the streets, forest fire aircraft ready, driver dies near Oludeniz and much more.

Craft Fair Filled the Streets

The main street in Calis, Fethiye was closed off yesterday to hold the annual craft fair.

The warm May weather helped to attract a large crowd to the resort near Fethiye.

Stalls selling everything ‘crafty’ lined the street from the bridge over the canal to the roundabout on the main road to Fethiye.

The event was organised to raise money for the 3C’s Children’s Charity.

Forest Fire Aircraft Ready for the New Season

The Mugla Forestry authority announced last week that they were preparing for 2014 forest fire season and had already deployed a number of forest fighting aircraft around the county.

One helicopter has been stationed in the Marmaris area, one firefighting plane at Bodrum airport, one helicopter in Fethiye and two at Ulan.

In June further aircraft will be deployed around the county as the fire risk increases.

Search for Missing Shepherd

The local press reported that rescue services and the Jandarma were called out to help locate a shepherd who had gone missing on Saturday.

The Jandarma used a helicopter type drone with a camera as well as dogs to help search for the missing man.

The shepherd had not been located by Sunday but the search was continuing.

Driver Died After Cliff Crash Near Oludeniz

A 38 year old man died when the vehicle he was driving on the Kidrak to Oludeniz road on Saturday left the road and tumbled down the 90 meter cliff and entered the sea.

The body of the driver, who was married with two children, had to be recovered by divers.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

He’s Back!

You may remember our story Fethiye Times on 3rd May when we reported that a local private hospital was brought to a standstill last week when a man took to the roof and threatened to jump to his death.

The police and fire service were called to the Lokman Hekim Hospital in the Tuzla area of Fethiye around lunchtime when the man took to the roof.

It was reported that the man was eventually talked down by a hospital psychologist and was later questioned by police.

The man claimed he was in debt due to the illness of his sick child and could not afford to pay the medical bills.

Later in the day it transpired that the man had carried out a similar attempted suicide on 23 April at a private hospital in Antalya. At that time money had been donated to him by passers by.

Then later that week he popped up again in the press threatening suicide on the roof of a private hospital in Marmaris.

After the man was persuaded to leave the roof he was questioned by police and released.

We wondered where he would turn up next?

Well, last week it was the turn of Dalyan.

The man turned up in the picturesque Turkish town on Wednesday and made his way to the top of a five storey building and threatened to jump to his death.

Using a similar method as before he claimed he needed 2,500 TL to pay off the medical bills for his brother and pay his landlord for outstanding rent.

He eventually came down from the building after a two hour effort by the police with medical and fire crews in attendance.

Fethiye Tomato Prices Squeezed

The price of tomatoes in Fethiye hit rock bottom last week.

Shoppers at the local Fethiye market could buy locally grown tomatoes for as little as 50 kurus a Kilo – just 14 pence.

The wholesale price really hit the floor too with a box going for between 1.5 TL to 2 TL forcing growers to send their crop off to the tomatoes paste factories.

Reports suggest that supply is much higher than demand for the perishable crop and further price reductions are likely to follow. Stock up while you can.

And Finally

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought the same 3.50 Turkish Lira as last week.

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