The 7th Fethiye Arts and Culture Festival – Fethiye world music concert continued last night with more great musicians performing.

Another of the bands to perform at last nights Fethiye world music festival were an ensemble from Serbia called Oganj.

Their style was a cool, ethno, lounge/jazz mix.

Each of the five members of the ensemble had their own performance style which combined well with the music.

The bass player strummed whilst seated in his cool laid-back way.

The flautist extended, stretched and almost spoke with his instrument almost like a snake charmer would.

Oganj Band Fethiye World Music Festival 2014 Flute
Sweet tunes from Serbian Oganj Band playing at the Fethiye World Music Festival

The drummer held it all together with his tight beats and the guitarist, using a box of tricks, was able to make those oh so classic jazz / lounge / groovy sounds with a grimace to match at the right times.

To top it off were the sweet tones from the lead singer that brought an eastern European style that we think defines their brand.

It was a very enjoyable performance and a great set from the ensemble from Vranje, Serbia.

You can watch clips of the performance of Oganj playing at the 7th Fethiye Arts and Cultural Festival 9 May 2014 below.

More details about the band and downloads of their music can be found on their website Oganj Band.

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