Arizona Band Traveler led by Scott Jeffers raised the roof on the first night of the 5 day festival in Fethiye, Turkey with his unique blend of east meets west music.

This is the second year the band has played at the Fethiye Arts and Culture Festival.

Video snippets from last nights concert in Fethiye below – click to watch.

Traveler and other bands will continue to play over the next few nights so make sure you get down to the main town square for this free music festival in Turkey.

More World Music To Feature

Music will be a big feature of the festival and you can expect to see the following acts during the festival.

Antalya – Elmalı Yayla Yöresel Müzik Topluluğu

Senegal – Let’s update

Morocco – Imdiazen

Iran – Ira Ensemble

Malaysia – Akasha

Mohammed Reza Mortazavi

England – Souk, Bab El Louk

Kazakhstan – Jaukazin

Spain – Vagabundos de Lujo

Iran – Paykooban Ensemble

Serbia – OGANJ

U.S. – Traveler

Mongolia – Group

Kenyan music group

Turkey – Balans

Other Events

Can be found on the official event website of the 7th Fethiye Arts and Culture Festival 2014.