The 2014 Fethiye Arts and Culture Festival will kick off on Wednesday 7th May with a parade, music and dance to top the bill.

The festival will be formally opened at 10am on Wednesday at the Fethiye Cultural Centre.

A festival parade will get the event off to a good start later in the day at 16:00.

The parade will start at the Tuesday market site and then pass through Gaffar Okan Str., Atatürk Str., Çarşı Str., Hükümet Str. and will end in Beşkaza Square. Hundreds of people are expected to join the walking parade including the local marching band, various sports clubs, the Mongolian circus, the police and staff from hotels will also take part.

Members of the public will be asked to vote for their favourite groups.

Fethiyespor Birthday Celebrations

The local team will be celebrating their 81st birthday from 6pm. The team will be joined in Beşkaza square by Turkish local musicians Adem Kazan, Ahmet Eraslan, the F-Dance Group will perform along with musicians from Kazakistan, Kenya, Iran and USA.

TRAVELER from the USA will be performing again at the event following their successful debut last year.

Scott Jeffers of Phoenix, Arizona will show off his amazing fiddle playing skills and wow the crowds.

World Music To Feature

Music will be a big feature of the festival and you can expect to see the following acts during the festival.

Antalya – Elmalı Yayla Yöresel Müzik Topluluğu

Senegal – Let’s update

Morocco – Imdiazen

Iran – Iran Ensemble

Malaysia – Akasha

Mohammed Reza Mortazavi

England – Souk, Bab El Louk

Kazakhstan – Jaukazin

Spain – Vagabundos de Lujo

Iran – Paykooban Ensemble

Serbia – OGANJ

U.S. – Traveller

Mongolia – Group

Kenyan music group

Turkey – Balans

Other Events

Can be found on the official event website of the 7th Fethiye Arts and Culture Festival 2014.