A large quarry company wants to operate a marble quarry at Bezirgan, near Kalkan destroying a huge expanse of scenic mountain and plateau.

And not only the mountain – the noise, dust and disruption would effectively destroy the small village of Bezirgan itself.

The people of Bezirgan have started a court action to stop this quarry and just before the local elections that were held on the 30th March 2014  a petition was raised, signed and sent along with the dossier to the Turkish courts.


Bezirgan Village near Kalkan is under threat of a marble quarry.
Bezirgan Village near Kalkan is under threat of a marble quarry.

Whilst the people of the village wait for the outcome of that petition local resident Pauline Salvarli is asking for support against the quarry via an online petition.

Pauline said

“It is almost unbelievable that any country could even consider the siting of a dirty, noisy and disruptive industry right in the middle of a touristic area – and within feet of the world famous Lycian Way, one of the world’s top ten walking routes.

Yet this is just what is proposed.

Immediately prior to the election, we spoke to all three main parties, and each one purported to be outraged by the very idea. All three assured us that they would most definitely put a stop to it. We hope they stick to their promises.

Kalkan would not be left unaffected. The dust would assuredly blow down, coating the tourist resort below.

We have started a petition on change.org. Please, please, if you like Bezirgan or Kalkan, or just if you care about the world’s beautiful, unspoiled and historically valuable areas, will you sign it?”

The petition can be found here.


  1. Many thanks for giving us such good coverage, we really do appreciate it.

    And the signature count is over 600 now, plus lots of messages of support coming in from all over the world.

    We will beat the blighters!

    Very many thanks indeed for your help and support, we owe you big time!

    Best wishes and a Happy Easter,

  2. This must not be allowed to proceed. Bezirgan is the reason that Kalkan first became the fishing village that led to the development of the resort that so many now enjoy. It is lovely to drive the few minutes from “Tourist ” Turkey into the hills and discoverer this unspoiled village with villiage life going on now as it has done over the centuries. This must not change!

  3. I wish the villagers luck in stoping the rape of such an exquisite area. On no account should this atrocity go ahead. June Pughe